A Caring Church

Lift up your eyes, look around and see;

All these gather together and come to you (Isaiah 49:18)

A church has to reflect Christ, so that when people see the church, they say that’s what Jesus is like. Just like the moon even when it is only a crescent, people look at it at night and say, that’s the moon. So what is the mark that makes a church most like Christ? It is the way the people care for one another. It’s the atmosphere of love and care that makes all the difference! We must be such a church. That is the main reason why God started Skyline so we could reach out to your friends and family with God’s love. Whatever else we do, this must be a church that cares!

God has called us to step out and care for all those whom He brings into our midst, and also those out in the community. Our city is growing fast. More     buildings are going up. Traffic is getting more congested. Malls and restaurants are filled. Tourists are visiting from all over the world. People don’t seem to relate as much anymore. And many are too busy to make time for one another. I       remember the time when I could have dinners, yum cha, or sit down at home to chat with my precious friends. Now, time is so hard to come by. Things move so fast, and there is so much to do. More than ever, in a modern society, we must be a caring church.

How do we care for those who come? Learn their names. Find out about them. Invite them to come to connect groups. Meet up with them, and pray with them. Show them practical love – help them with their needs. Above all, share the love of God and the gospel with them. Everyone who comes each Sunday is God’s gift to us. The most important thing we are called to steward is precious lives!2017 YEAR OF OVERFLOWING LIFE
Ps Dr Philip Lyn


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