God shall help her, just at the break of dawn.
Psalm 46:5 NKJV

As dawn broke following the night of the election results, I scrambled out of bed to the shops nearby to buy a newspaper. Sold out. I drove into town to jostle with the boisterous crowd that has descended around one small newspaper vendor and got a copy. Minutes later, every paper was gone. You could sense an excitement after one of the most intense elections in the history of our land. Against all odds, a 92-year old former prime minister in the person of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammed has emerged to lead us again. He displays a feistiness and mental wit that defies his age; his stature and vast experience has lent stability to the leadership of a coalition that has never been in government before. A new dawn has broken. In a uniquely Malaysian way, the old has passed away and the new has come. Hope reigns afresh.

The celebrations have now settled into a more purposeful mood as the realisation sinks in that there is a huge amount of work to be done if the new coalition is to fulfil its 100-day pledge to the people. The countdown has already begun. The abolition of GST, the investigation into the 1MDB Scandal, the reviewing of landmark projects by the previous administration are three priorities, among others. These are tall orders, and will need time. The cabinet will be appointed soon, and here, we will gauge the competency and sincerity of the new government in tackling the issues they have promised the people. We must pray for the government God gives us (1 Tim 2:1-3).

We have prayed as a church together for God to rule in these elections; for God’s will to be done, for righteousness to reign, for darkness to be rolled back, and above all, for the elections and what follows to be peaceful. Those have all come to pass. Now is the time to work together as a nation to stem out corruption at the top, to heal the rift among races so that we see ourselves once again as “Bangsa Malaysia”, and to restore freedom and space for all religions. God heal our land. God bless Malaysia!





Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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