Then Hezekiah and all the people rejoiced that God had prepared the people,
since the events took place so suddenly.
(2 Chronicles 29:36 NKJV)

So many good things have happened in Skyline these past few weeks. Skyline Mandarin had the dynamic Pastor Stella Lim three weeks back and today Pastor GT Lim from Kuching will be speaking (and singing) for the first time in the Mandarin service. He is truly an anointed minister of God. We are excited! Skyline Mandarin continues to grow, and each week many visitors get saved! Those in Skyline English should drop in and taste the excitement there when you can. The energy is high, the worship is great, and the atmosphere is truly welcoming. You will be blessed!

In the English congregation, we had an amazing Discipling the Family Conference two weekends back. Pastor Peter and Deonna Tan-chi came with their children and grandchildren and impacted us all so deeply through the principles and testimonies shared. We were all so blessed, and many of us now are applying what we have learnt in our families to mend our relationship with our spouse, children or parents! Pastor Dominic Yeo’s two great messages last Sunday gave hope and courage to so many people to step out and give to God what they have and serve Him. Today we have Rev Mervin Walton from Rhema ministering to us. What a joy! What blessings!

This weekend, I am ministering in Excel Point Community Church in Penang. I shall be preaching seven times! Pray for a fresh anointing and stamina, and also for the fire of God to fall on the meetings. Your prayer and partnership in my travels are vital in sustaining me so I remain fresh and don’t dry up or burn out. Let us also pray for our nation as nomination day and GE 14 approaches that “righteousness and truth may kiss” in our land (Psalm 85:10), and God’s light and glory be manifest!

历代志下 29:36 (和合本)

最近在Skyline 教会真的发生了许多的好事呀! Skyline 中文堂非常地活跃,三个星期前我们有林诗雅 (Stella Lim) 牧师与我们共度主日庆聚会。今天,我们有来自古晋的林义忠 (GT Lim) 牧师为我们首次在中文堂证道,还有歌唱。他真是一位充满恩膏的主里牧者。大家都非常地期待!Skyline 中文堂不断成长,然而几乎每一个星期我们都有许多的来访朋友得救!出席Skyline 英文堂的弟兄姐妹们,你们一定要抽空来尝一尝这兴奋的滋味儿。教会真是充满活力,主日崇拜非常的棒,整个气氛都充满着热忱。您一定会大受蒙福!

在英文堂的两个星期前,我们度过了非常精彩的建立家庭门徒特会 (Discipling the Family Conference)。Peter 与 Deonna Tan-chi 牧师他们的孩子和孙子们一起来事奉,他们的原则和见证分享深深地感动了我们。大家都领受了满满的祝福,当中有许多家庭也开始在各自的家庭中应用他们所学习的,促进夫妻,亲子及与父母之间的感情。Dominic Yeo 牧师上个星期天和我们分享了两个非常好的信息,给许多人带来了盼望和鼓励,以跨出去给予上帝最好的,并服事祂。今天,我们有Rhema讲员,Mervin Walton 牧师来为我们证道服事。真是喜乐!既是大大的祝福啊!

在这周末,我会在槟城的Excel Point Community Church服事。我将要讲7场的证道!请大家为我祷告,好让我有清新的恩膏和耐力,还有神的灵火会在每个聚会中降下。你们在我出外服事上的祷告与共事将扶持着我,并能使我保持清新而且不会干涸或燃尽。此外,让我们随着即将来临的第14届全国大选(GE14)及大选提名日,齐来为国家祷告。在这地 “公义和平安彼此相亲” (诗篇 85:10),神的光明和荣耀将大大彰显!

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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