This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth,
but you shall meditate in it day and night… (Joshua 1:8)

Many years ago, someone wrote to a UK newspaper these words: “Dear Sir, in my lifetime, I have heard hundreds of sermons preached, but I cannot remember a single one of them. I wonder if it has made any difference to my life at all.” A vigorous debate ensued in the correspondence column for several weeks until a letter put the issue to rest. It read: “Dear Sir, in my lifetime, I have eaten thousands of meals, but for the life of me, I can’t remember with clarity the content of a single meal in all that time. However I have the distinct impression that had I not eaten those meals, my health would be in a much poorer state today, indeed my very existence might have ceased.”

Many people tell me they do read the Bible from time to time, but they can’t remember a thing of what they’ve read shortly after. “What’s the use?” they’d say. “I don’t think it makes any difference. Nothing gets in.” Wrong. When you read God’s Word, His promise is that it will never return to Him void (Isaiah 55:11). It will accomplish that for which He purposes! So the more you read, the more His purposes will grow in you, and the more they will be come to past!

Let me give you a few tips to help you read the Bible more effectively. Firstly, make it daily, taking at least fifteen minutes each day. Secondly, do it systematically. Read book by book through, starting with the Gospels and Acts and later mixing Old and New Testament books. Thirdly, use a simple yet powerful method like S.O.A.P. to help you study selected passages deeper. Fourthly, journal your thoughts and prayers down over three to six months, an understanding will begin to form and the bible will begin to open up like a flower to you. Don’t give up too soon. This year let me challenge you to get into a habit of regular daily devotion. Let this be a year of breakthrough for you!

【约书亚记 1:8】

很多年前,某人投稿到一所英国的报馆: “敬爱的编辑先生,在我一生 中,聆听了数百篇以上的证道,但是我一个都记不得。我在想,这到底对我的 人生造成了什么改变。” 这一番话在通信专栏里引起了读者群间热烈的争论, 持 续了数周, 直到一封读者来信平息了争议。那封信如此写到:“敬爱的编辑先 生,在我一生中,享用了数千顿饭,但却无法清楚记起其中任何一餐吃过的菜 肴。然而,我很肯定是这些我记不起的饭菜维持了我的健康,甚至是我的生 命。”

许多人告诉我,他们经常阅读圣经,但过了一会儿就记不起读过了些什 么。他们就说:“那有什么用呢?我不认为这会为我带来任何的帮助,根本都读 不进。” 这是错的。当您阅读神的话语时,祂的应许是“我口所出的话也必如 此,决不徒然返回” (以赛亚书 55:11)。神的话将完成祂的旨意!因此,您读 得越多,祂在您生命中的旨意就会跟着增长并实现!

让我分享几个提示来帮助您更有效地阅读圣经:第一,每天阅读经文,一 天至少 15 分钟。第二,按部就班地阅读 – 按照书章排列从福音书和使徒行传 开始,然后再混合旧约和新约书章。第三,应用简单又有效的圣经研读模式, 如: S.O.A.P(经文·观察·应用·祷告)来帮助您更深入地了解经文。第四,将您 的领会想法与祷告记录下来。在 3-6 个月内, 整体概念就逐渐成型,圣经将会像 美丽的花朵般向您绽开,请不要过早放弃!今年,让我挑战您, 培养起每天灵修 的习惯。让今年成为您取得重大突破的一年!

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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