Instead, you received God’s Spirit when he adopted
you as his own children. Now we call him, “Abba, Father.”
Romans 8:15 NLT

My mother was given away for adoption at birth through a middleman. Her identical twin sister was kept back. She was the last of five siblings; the family was too poor to keep both of them. The middleman gave her to the “Chua” family but informed her family that a “Lu” household had adopted her in order to throw them off the scent. Her biological mother regretted her decision bitterly, and on her death bed, made the family promise to look for their “lost” little sister. They searched for years after, but never succeeded, always mistakenly looking for a “Lu”.

Many years later, by sheer chance, my mum’s twin sister’s daughter caught sight of her in a market in another city. The resemblance to her own mum was uncanny. So she approached my mum and asked if her surname was Lu. Did she have a twin sister? She said “No” to both. My mother had never been told she was adopted. The girl walked away downcast. Years later, fate delivered a second chance. In another city, a woman followed her and asked if she had a twin sister. By this time my mother knew her past. She said yes. They exchanged numbers. A few days later, her phone rang and my mum found herself listening to a voice identical to hers at the other end of the line! It had taken sixty-five years. The reunion was unimaginably emotional.

Between the twins, my mum had had the better deal. She received an education, her twin sister never went to school. My mum married into a middle-class family, her twin sister laboured in the fields. The health of one was excellent, the other, sickly. For my mum, adoption was not second best. It was the best. It made me think of what adoption meant when God “adopted” us as His sons and daughters. We didn’t get second best! We inherited the very best!

(Extracted from Ps Philip’s upcoming new book, Slingshots)



多年以后,在机缘巧合之下我母亲孪生姐妹的女儿在一个城市的市集碰见我的母亲。当时她觉得那个人与她自己的母亲长得太相似了。她上前询问我的母亲:她是不是姓陆?那她有没有一个孪生姐妹?我的母亲对两个提问都回答说“不”。那是因为我的母亲从来都不知道自己是被领养的。那位女士最终失望地离开。数年后,命运再次把她们连在一起。在另一个城市,一位女士尾随我的母亲并再次问她是否有一位孪生姐妹。那个时候我的母亲已得知她的过去,于是她回答“有”。她们交换了电话号码。几天后我的母亲接到一通电话,并且在电话的另一头听见一把与自己非常相似的声音! 这整个过程经历了足足六十五年的岁月!可以想象当姐妹俩重逢团聚时会是多么的感动啊!


(摘自Philip Lyn医生牧师即将面世的著作,Slingshots)

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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