All Things New 一切都更新了

“He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in him”
(Psalm 40:3)

So much of the past fortnight has been about God doing new things. And He is! The theme of our 18th Anniversary Gift Day “Now, Next New” speaks of new perspectives, new passion, and new priorities. These are essential for the future of Skyline! We had an excited packed ballroom celebrate with us the purchase of an awesome 3.6-acre property in the form of Blue 7, an established gaming club in the city! It is probably the first time a church has taken over a gambling facility for conversion to a worship place! A first prophetic step in the redemption of our city! Other churches will follow.

There was such excitement as together we gave towards our 2.75M faith target. Many felt it would be a difficult mark in the face of an economic slowdown. We hit 1.67M that morning! Newcomers were shocked. A week later, we passed the 2M mark! I wonder what it will be like in the coming weeks. Can’t wait! So much excitement fills the air. Last Sunday, we entered our newly made-over darkened auditorium with new carpets, freshly painted walls, bright LED screen, coloured-lights, and smoke machines. All amazingly facelifted in just thirteen days!

The treasures of darkness will come in the coming days- souls, finances, generations and families. Going Black breaks barriers, brings blessings and births belief in the God who IS (Isaiah 45:3)! Today we begin a new series of sermons on ALL THINGS NEW. Pastor Joshua will preach on “New Song”! Pastor Chew will speak later. The Mandarin church will have Pastor Paul Huang and his family minister at their annual retreat! There are no dull moments in Skyline for God is making all things new! Including you!


过去的两个星期,许多的事情都是上帝在做新事。不错,的确是上帝!我们18周年庆的主题是“这,下,新”,说的是新的观点,新的热诚和新的优先事项。这一些对Skyline 的未来都是非常关键的!我们很兴奋地与会友和来宾在酒店的宴会厅欢庆。我们所购买的3.6英亩很棒的产业 – Blue 7。它在城市里是一间著名进行赌博游戏的俱乐部!这大概是首次有教会购买一间有赌博设备的产业并转型为敬拜会所!这是首个预言性的跨步,我们的城市将被救赎!以后,其他的教会也将跟随其举。

我们是多么兴奋的共同努力以信心来达到270万令吉的目标。在这经济萧条的时刻,很多人都会认为这是个很困难的指标。在周年庆当天我们已达到167万令吉!这实在让新朋友感到震惊。一个星期后,我们却突破了200万令吉的指标!我很期待来临的几个星期将会是如何。实在是迫不及待!这时刻充满着兴奋的气氛。上个星期日,我们进入新改装的黑色系会所:新地毯、新粉刷的墙壁、明亮的发光二极体 (LED) 屏幕、彩色灯和烟雾机器。这让人惊叹的改头换面,却在13天里完成。

在来临的日子里,暗中的宝物将显露于-心灵,财务,世代和家庭。迈向黑色打破了屏障,祝福将临到和让我们更加信靠我们真实的神 (以赛亚书45:3)!今天,我们开始新系列的主题信息,一切都更新了。Joshua Siaw 牧师在英文堂(一)的讲道标题为“新歌”!接着,英文堂(二)是由 Chew Weng Chee 牧师讲道。中文堂将由 Paul Huang 黄一成牧师和他家人在家庭营服侍!在Skyline里没有片刻的停顿,因为上帝使一切都更新!也包括您在内!

Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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