An Oxford Pilgrimage 一个牛津的朝圣

“Men of Athens, …. I saw your many shrines. And one of your altars had this inscription on it: ‘To an Unknown God.’ This God… is the one I’m telling you about.”
(Acts 17:22-23)

Athens was one of the centers of learning in the ancient world. When Paul visited it, he prayer-walked the city, and later preached to the academics on Mars Hill. Among the intellectuals converted that day was Dionysius, a high court judge. Tradition has it this man later became bishop of Athens, and impacted his nation for God. Today, in a skeptical world, let us pray for God to raise up again godly saints with giant minds.

This past week, Nancy and I returned to Oxford while ministering in England. We had met here as students, and it’s been more than thirty-eight years ago since we left the city and university. We stayed for four days, the longest ever since leaving. Like Paul, we decided to prayer-walk an ancient seat of learning. We also cycled together on a tandem, stopping at various colleges where great men of God once studied, who later impacted England and the world. Oxford today doesn’t know Jesus… He is more than ever, an “unknown god” to the students because of secular atheism.

We prayed at the college where John Wycliffe, the “morning star” of the Reformation studied. We entered the cathedral where John Wesley, the founder of Methodism was ordained. Then we went to George Whitefield’s college, perhaps England’s greatest ever outdoor preacher who was part of the great revival of the 1750s. We also visited CS Lewis’ college, and later also his house and grave. On one of Oxford’s main street lies a spot marked with a cross where three of England’s reformers, Bishops Latimer, Ridley, and Cranmer, were burned at the stakes for their faithfulness to God’s Word.

At each place our cry was: “Do it again Lord!” Raise up men and women of the next generation, mighty in spirit and intellect who will shake the world for Jesus. Let new generations of Lewises, Wesleys, Wycliffes and Tolkiens arise!

(使徒行传 17:22-23)

雅典曾是古代文明的学习中心之一。当保罗到雅典游行时,他沿着整座城市祷告后又上了火星山 (Mars Hill) 传道。在所有信了主的学者当中包括了当地的一名高等法官,丢尼修 (Dionysius) 。而传说有提及到,这个人后来成为了雅典的主教,并为上帝大大影响了他的国家。在这多疑的世界里,让我们一起向上帝呼求祂兴起更多虔诚且胸怀大志的圣徒。

在过去的一个星期里,我和 Nancy 牧师因事工回到了英国的牛津。当初我们就是在这个地方以同学的身份相遇,而我们离开这座城市和大学也已有38年之久了。我们在那里逗留了4天,也算是在我们离开以后逗留最长的时间。就像保罗,我们决定沿着这个古老的学习地标进行祷告。我们还一起踏着二人自行车去参观许多上帝的伟人曾经修读的学院。这些伟人后来都影响了英国和整个世界。如今,牛津并不认识耶稣… 因着世俗逐日推崇的无神论,祂对所有的学生来说反而比以往反而更甚为一位“未知的上帝”。

我们到约翰·威克里夫 (John Wycliffe) ,一名宗教改革的“明日之星”所就读的学院祷告。我们也到了约翰·卫斯理 (John Wesley) ,也就是卫理公会的创办人,被委任的大教堂参观。然后,我们再到怀特·腓德 (George Whitefield) 所就读的学院参观。 他堪称英国有史以来最伟大的户外传道,也是 1750 年代大复兴的一份子。我们也探访了 C.S. 刘易斯 (CS Lewis) 的学院,然后再去到他的住家和坟墓。在这一条牛津的大街中,位于一个标有十字架的地方,就是英国的三位改革者: 主教休·拉蒂默 (Hugh Latimer) ,里德利 (Nicholas Ridley) 和托马斯·克兰麦 (Thomas Cranmer) ,因为忠于上帝的话语被火刑而殉道之地。

在每一个地点,我们的呼求都是: “再次行祢的大能吧上帝!”兴起下一代伟大的男女,赐予他们伟大的灵与智慧为耶稣震撼这世界。让新世代的刘易斯,卫斯理,威克里夫及托尔金兴起!

Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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