AT LAST….IT’S ON! 终于…开始了!

He changes times and seasons, He removes kings and sets up kings.
He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have no understanding.
(Daniel 2:21 ESV)

Parliament has finally dissolved and GE 14 is on! This will be one of the most hotly contested elections in the history of our nation and probably the most challenging. At stake are issues of justice and fairness, corruption, accountability in governance, the upholding of democracy and freedom of expression, the reduction of national debt, goods and services tax etc. If you had told me four years ago, that a new opposition coalition led by ex-PM Mahathir would be challenging the Barisan Nasional today, I would have laughed you off the planet. How times have changed!

More changes came last week: our electoral boundaries have again been redelineated, and a harsh anti-fake news law has been passed. The necessity of the first is puzzling, the enforcement of the second is fraught with subjectivity. Who decides what is “fake” news? Yet as the polls loom we must not let these issues cloud our spirit. We must rise above them however strongly we feel, and instead of praying from a perspective of “scolding” the government, we must pray to “school” whoever governs after this back to righteousness, truth, and justice. We must exercise the spiritual authority God has given us as His church so that our prayers will nullify the forces of darkness, witchcraft, oppression, or even violence that are destructive to the spirit and unity of our nation. I have always said our nation is blessed because of the Church. Now is the time to exercise our authority and negate the work of the Enemy.

This month, at CP8 we will be focusing on GE 14. There will be a call to pray and fast as well. So be prepared! As many of us as possible should also seek for openings to train ourselves as polling agents and counting agents to ensure fair play on polling day. Then we must cast our votes wisely and pray!! It starts with each of us today.

(但以理书 2:21 和合本)

马来西亚国会终于解散,第14届大选 (GE 14) 即将开始!这是我国史上竞争最激烈的,也是最具挑战性的选举之一。这次攸关的是正义与公平、贪污问题、问责制度、维护民主与言论自由、减少国家债务、商品和服务税等挑战。若您在4年前告诉我,前任首相敦马哈迪将带领新的反对派联盟来挑战国阵 (Barisan National),我会笑个四脚朝天。但如今就不同了,时代真是何等多变啊!

上周出现了更多的变化: 选区重划,强行通过刑法严厉的反假新闻法。第一项的必要性令人费解,第二项的执行动机非常主观。谁来决定是否是 “假” 新闻? 随着选举逼近,我们无需被这些问题笼罩着属灵的精神。我们应要兴起,强烈地超越它们,与其以“咒骂”的心态祷告,不如一同为日后统治者以正义、真理和公义,这样的 “支持” 来祷告。作为上帝的教会,我们必须行使祂赐给的属灵权柄,这样我们的祷告才能破除黑暗的力量、巫术、压迫、甚至是暴力,因这些都是破坏国家团结一致精神的力量。我一直都说,我们的国家有福是因教会。现在就是我们行使权柄,并否定敌人工作的时刻了。

在这一个月的CP8,我们将会着重于为第14届大选 (GE 14)来祷告。我们也鼓励大家一起来为这禁食祷告。请做好准备! 在我们当中也可以应该寻求空缺来培训自己作为监票员及记票员,以确保投票日当天大家都能做到公平竞争。然后,我们应该祷告,明智地投下手中的一票。一切都从我们自己开始。

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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