Wise men came saying…Where is he who has been born king of the Jews?
When Herod the king heard this he was troubled… (Matthew 2:1-3)

The Chinese have a saying: You can’t have two tigers on the same mountain. Herod felt the same. You can’t have two kings in the land. So, when wise men came seeking the “King of the Jews”, Herod (who was half-Jew, half-Arab) was greatly perturbed. He sought to destroy this threat by ordering the massacre of all infants in Bethlehem. Yet, less than a year later, Herod himself was dead, and Jesus had returned to live in Israel (Matthew 2:23) where He would one day proclaim His heavenly kingdom. Jesus was never a threat to Herod anyway. His kingdom was not of this world.

Fast forward two thousand years, and how times have changed. In Malaysia, we have new “kings”. This past week, we witnessed the monumental crumbling of a political party that ruled the nation unchanged for the past sixty years. Sabah UMNO met its demise with widespread desertion by its rank and file, a situation that would have been totally impossible at Christmas last year. In that time, GE-14 has changed the political landscape of our nation. Harapan came in and our hopes for the eradication of corruption, racism, and religious intolerance are at an all time high. Don’t miss this point. This is our first Christmas under a different government since independence!

So far, things have moved fast on the corruption front with nearly forty charges laid on our ex-Prime Minister Najib and some of his cohorts. All Malaysians, and indeed a global audience will keenly watch the outcomes of their trials. Let us not drop our guard; there is still much to intercede for in our state and nation. But, the story of Christmas tells us that kings will come and go. So will political rulers. Only one Kingdom will remain forever. It is the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. He and He alone will reign forever and ever! This Christmas, have you changed your eternal allegiance yet? Or are you in the same old earthly political party?





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