Want to know the comparative cost of living in a country? Compare the prices of a Big Mac and you’ll get the equivalence. It is called “burgernomics”. Cost varies not only for goods but also for services where it is seen as a contractual item in the workplace. But it is the heart behind the serving that marks out quality of service in the industry. This heart behind the serving is called the servanthood spirit.

There is a big difference between service and servanthood. One’s an act, the other an attitude. One is an obligatory because it’s been paid for, the other is a posture of the heart irrespective of payment. One is contract based, the other is relationship based. Economics measures the value of service but is unable to value the servant-spirit. The media extols the service industry but rarely talks about a servanthood culture.

Yet when Jesus was on earth, He spoke a great deal about servanthood whenever He spoke about serving. For example, “The Son of Man came to serve and not to be served and to give Himself as a ransom for many”. Do you detect the spirit of servanthood even when He was talking about serving? Another example, Jesus said: “I am among you as one who serves” (Luke 22:27). Again He is not talking just about serving, it’s about the spirit in which He chose to make Himself available to serve.

When servanthood becomes part of us, it transforms our gatherings and our life together as God’s people. We go the extra mile, have the added smile, take on the extra pile. With joy! Where do you find fast service? At McDonald’s! Where should you find great servant spirit? In a great church, of course! And it starts with the leaders. Acts 6 tells of a team of spiritual leaders who prayed, who in turn led a second tier of Spirit-filled leaders who served excellently. The servanthood spirit spread rapidly in the early church and soon filled the city. May this same spirit infect all of us Skyline today!

(Extracted and edited from Ps Philip’s upcoming new book, Slingshots)

想要知道不同国家的生活费用的对比吗?您只需去比较一个巨无霸汉堡(Big Mac)的价格,就可以知道它们的差别了。这个理论被称之为“汉堡经济学”(Burgernomics)。这种价格上的差异并不只是限于商品而已,当中也包括了所提供的服务,因为服务在职场上亦被视为在合同里一个项目。但,真正能够去定义那个服务在一个领域里的素质是那服务背后的心态。这服务背后的心态是叫作仆人的服事精神。




(摘自Philip Lyn医生牧师即将面世的著作:Slingshots)

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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