So the bands of Syrian raiders came no more into the land of Israel (2 Kings 6:23)

The most vulnerable border of Malaysia is the east coast of Sabah. For years we have been praying that God would preserve our land from the intrusion of terrorist elements. Its porosity is a grave cause for concern. Last Tuesday our local Minister of Tourism expressed concerns that illegals from southern Philippines were streaming into our state through small boats that avoided detection by ESSCOM. Yet by Wednesday, we awoke to the news that two Abu Sayyaf leaders who had been responsible for a spate of kidnapping and beheadings had been killed by security forces off Sulu. The Borneo Post headline was hopeful: “End of the Road for Abu Sayyaf?” while the Daily Express was more circumspect: “Notorious brothers dead.” That’s good news. We have all been praying to counter extremist threats. But what must we do to secure our borders?

In the days of Elisha Syrian raiders were constantly a thorn in the side of Israel. Like pests, they attacked willy-nilly, looting and plundering. The borders were far too porous for the King of Israel to control. But God had a secret weapon: Elisha. He tipped the King off as to where the raiders were going to strike every time. This divine intelligence neutralized the Syrian threat to such an extent, they sent a special force to assassinate him. When they trapped Elisha in a city, he struck them blind (2 Ki 6:18). They were then led helplessly into the arms of the King of Israel and certain death. But Elisha spared them, fed them and sent them home (6:22). After that the raids ceased.

What stopped the raids? A fear that they were battling a God far more powerful than the spirits and demons they worshipped. A fear that all their moves were watched and known. That curse would follow their every step. That the forces of the opponent were so sure and superior to theirs. That God was on the opponents’ side and could strike them blind or counter their attacks. They came no more. We must pray that our God will strike fear into the terrorists and pirates. That our armed forces will be given divine intelligence as to their whereabouts and flush them out. Prayer is the key!

Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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