The seventy-two returned with joy, saying, “Lord, even the demons are
subject to us in your name!” (Luke 10:17)

One of the most dramatic scenes of Jesus’ encounter with demons was their mass expulsion in the incident of the Gadarene demoniac. A legion went into a herd of pigs and sent them into a stampeding frenzy down a steep bank and drowned. Such was the power of Jesus’ word! It must have made a deep impression of the disciples. They had seen single demonic expulsions before but never in such numbers! A legion is six thousand in a Roman army. So the Gadarene demoniac was infested big time! He literally had a zoo full of spirits tormenting him.

What is important for us to realize is that demons are real; they can torment people who open the doors to them and the only power on earth to expel them lies in the name of Jesus! The bible never uses the word exorcism for getting rid of demons.  Instead it uses the word ‘exballo” which means to cast out or to expel. Exorcism is the means by which other religions use magic, black arts, or rituals to placate the demons and persuade them to leave by incantations and chants. It is a process of compromise born out of weakness. That is because mediums, religious priests and sorcerers do not have the authority that we have in Jesus’ name! There is only ONE NAME demons tremble at and it can only be exercised by BELIEVERS (Acts 19:13-15).

The disciples discovered that when after going out in pairs to preach the Kingdom of God, they found the demons subjected to Jesus’ name (Luke 10:17)! That is why we never fear demons. They should fear us for after all WE are the divine ghost-busters! Cinemas today are stuffed with occult movies. Some pooh-pooh their reality while many are sucked into the web of dark experimentation. CS Lewis said: “There are two equal and opposite errors into which we can fall about demons. One is to disbelieve in their existence. The other is to have an excessive and unhealthy interest in them.” We musn’t fall into either camp. Instead we should constantly be re-filled with the Spirit of God so that whenever we command these demons they will have no choice but flee! 

Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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