The American people have decided. Donald Trump will be the next president. This is an amazing victory which none of the polls predicted, of a magnitude more shocking than the UK Brexit polls! It was as if an asteroid had obliterated the news media and the Democrat headquarters all in the same instant when Trump passed the crucial 270 count for the electoral college votes. He is a billionaire, a womanizer, a crude, loud-mouthed brash businessman totally out of sorts in a world of politics, supposedly saying all the “wrong” things and raging at all the “wrong” issues. He is every spin-doctor’s nightmare. Yet something in his crude remarks re-awakened America to a realization that both her heritage and values had been slowly slipping into a liberal quagmire for the past eight years. And wake up they did. In America, dreams can come true! So can nightmares! It all depends whose side you were on that night. 

For me I had no cherished candidates. I wanted neither person. One was arrogant and too reductionist for me. The other had a political smile that was too passé to be trusted. I did pray for the Lord’s mercy on America. But I have to carefully say that I believe God HAS to be in the result even though there may be tough days ahead. Trump’s personality irks me. But as I watched the grim faces of leaders from the European Union, the Islamic world and left wing UK parties mouthing muted congratulations, I realize that while this guys is no saint, he probably had his nose planted in the direction of values that matter for many, including myself.

What are they? He is brazen in vocalizing the need to counter radical and violent forms of Islam like ISIS and ISIL. He wants the Iranian nuclear deal re-negotiated. Obama’s soft stance on this poses one of the greatest existential threats to Israel today. He wants to counter the increasingly liberal, anti-Christian bench of the Supreme Court. He opposes liberalism displacing conservative norms whether in issues of abortion, gay marriages or secularism. He is a loud enigma. But ultimately whether you are for him or otherwise, God has seen it fit in His will for him to be the next president! It’s His trump card. And now, we must pray.

Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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