As you worship today look around and give yourself a simple test. How many of the people sitting in the your row and the next two rows in front of you do you know? By name. Look hard and see if you can spot familiar faces. If perchance your eyes meet, then smile! Now give yourself the ballpark test. 

If you scored more than 40%, you are in a good place and church is probably a big family to you. Keep connecting and welcoming new people! If you scored less than 20%, then welcome, stranger! There is a whole new world to discover and fantastic people to get to know. So step into one of the many Connect Groups (Cell Groups), try serving in ministries like Ushering, Kidszone, Hospitality or Refreshments or better still, join one of many weekend Skycommunity outings. Next year sign up for the VIP Track to help you integrate into the BIG family. Many are waiting to welcome you into Skyline.

Anything in the 20-40% range and you’re probably in the space between a sense of belonging and still discovering “hidden nooks” of the church. Guess what? There are many like you here. You probably feel there are still a fair number of strangers around. Actually they’re all “friends” just waiting to be discovered. Expand your horizon by helping to welcome newcomers to this wonderful family called Skyline and as you do so, you’ll find that you have “ownership” of this church after all. By far the best thing to do is to be part of a Cell. The sooner you do it before Christmas musical, the better! On that Special Premier Night, December 14th, we gather as one, and go crazy cheering as a family for our musical this Christmas season before the guest nights that follow!

The church has grown to around a thousand in our weekend celebrations and with it comes the challenge to stay personal. So what kind of church have we become? We haven’t changed and remain firmly a church that is “family in culture but corporate in standards!” We want rich and deep relationships and also a spirit of excellence in all we do, whether its Sundays, conferences, musicals or just welcoming and following up visitors and new believers. Be part of us and grow to the fullness of your destiny.

Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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