Christmas is coming. Get ready for SAVING FACES! It will be a wonderful musical. It’s a common story that mirrors modern households today: families that look good on the outside but are full of conflicting values within. The characters there remind us of bits about ourselves: pride, materialistic focus, envy, uncertain identity, fear, mistrust and competitiveness. It all comes with great live singing and fast dance routines that will stretch our Skyline cast and crew. They’ve been rehearsing since June. That’s intense commitment! Now comes our part. And there are two BIG things we need to do!

The first is to continue to pray for them. That none of the crew will fall sick at the last minute or have freak accidents. Remember, this year the show is completely LIVE! Pray too that they will have energy, passion and stamina for this last leg of rehearsals. The next three weeks will be CRUCIAL. It is vital that cast and crew work seamlessly together in a common spirit of excellence, each helping the other to give their very best in rehearsals and performances. Pray for the producer, directors and choreographers, managers, stagehands, sound and light crew, make-up and wardrobe personnel and every single person helping out, many of whom are unseen! Your intercession and prayer to cover them will be indispensible. Without us they will be vulnerable.

Now here’s the second thing you need to do. Each Christmas let your mind stretch. Let your prayers roam wide, to friends you may have forgotten, to unsaved members of your family, to colleagues at work, to clients and customers who are open to you, to even strangers whom you may meet between now and the day of the musical. Keep praying, keep thinking and as the Lord leads you, INVITE THEM. Then cover them with prayer, but do track them to make sure they will come and not waste the tickets. Never give up hope! Never lose faith. God is able to touch your friends and family and bring them to know Him. And on the night come, pray, applaud and cheer “Saving Faces”. Because its not faces we’re after. It really all about saving souls.

Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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