Once we get to November, the year just rolls away pretty fast and before we know it we’re in the new year! It’s rather like a toilet roll-the paper runs out much faster at the end! Got your plans and targets for the coming year sewn up yet? No? You may be thin on time. Once past mid-November, we might be scrambling to end this year well or to clarify, prepare and focus for next year. Why don’t you take time to review the year now (instead of December 31 when it’s a bit late) and see how you can do better still and finish well even as you prepare in advance for next year! 

What will these next seven weeks bring us? Many exciting things! It’s a season of miracles, breakthroughs and turnarounds. In what ways? Well for start, our Year of Strength is finishing strong. We have grown in numbers as church. Sundays are more happening than ever. Baptism have increased, many more workplace cells have started, many have made decisions for Jesus, more leaders are being grown, our AGD this year established a new record in giving. And still people have continued to give. We are transiting into a fresh generation of Skyline speakers in the pulpit. The church has begun to embrace 24 hour prayer seriously! Rhema attendance has swung up.

And now Christmas season is just around the corner. The YO!s will start with their GiftMe Christmas outreach next week and all cells will begin four weeks of Oikos Christmas outreach from Nov 13- Dec 09. We believe that many contacts will be made and many will give their lives to Jesus. Then there’s the amazing Christmas musical “Saving Faces” which will be on at the JKKN auditorium (near the state library) from Dec 15-18. We are now in very advanced stages of practice for what will be our fullest musical ever! You will enjoy a short rendition of one of the songs during service today. Also on Christmas day we are certain to be packed out for both services and see many saved. It’s a season for us to pray and ask God for souls now and to invite our friends and families. Then He will make it a season of miracles!

Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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