During the seventeenth century a German scientist claimed that it was the movement of trees that created the wind. Don’t’ laugh. Here was his logic. He noticed that whenever branches moved there was always wind. When they were still there was no wind. Since everyone knew that the flapping of arms caused a breeze, it must similarly be the movement of branches that caused the wind. The observations were correct. But the deduction was wrong.  He had joined the facts in the wrong order and came up with logic that was fallacious. 

In the same way, we must be clear about what drives our Christmas events. It’s not tradition. It’s not even our pre-believing friends. That’s the wrong order. It’s about God. And the Good News. That’s why we invite friends and families to our Oikos dinners and Christmas Day services. We can tell them they’ll love the song and dance and passion of the musical. Tell them they can’t afford to miss it! Tell them how great past musicals were, how meaningful they make Christmas, how families have been blessed. Create a need. But be clear why we do what we do at Christmas. It’s about loving God! And about reaching out and making disciples. Now would they like seats for Saving Faces? Do your best to get them tickets! Make sure they save the date! Stay connected. Keep them in your prayers. Follow-up to ensure they’ll come. 

As we gather together to pray and invite our friends and families, the momentum will grow. Let me encourage you to connect with your friends now! What’s App them with posters of “Saving Faces”. Get them asking! Buzz the musical on social media. The crowd we are expecting is diverse: it doesn’t matter if they’re married or single, young or old; there’s plenty of songs and action for everyone. Believe God for a breakthrough every night. If you’re in a cell, come for the In-House Premier on Dec 14. If you are not in a cell, join one today and commit for 2017! Each night join in huge cheers for cast and crew! They will give us their best knowing we’re backing them all the way! These are the crucial weeks that make or break musicals. You and I can make it that special!   

Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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