I sometimes ask myself. What will Skyline look like twenty years from now? Will we be a modern, relevant contemporary church with a growing, pulsating congregation impacting the city and the poor and making waves in the nation? Will we see the birth of multiple congregations scattered across the city and state with a fresh leaders from the next generations? Will we grow authentic, broken and courageous leaders and disciples? Will we be strong in the Word of God, in prayer, in evangelism and in faith? After fifteen years we have come a long way. We bear the marks of a church vibrant in worship, strong in the Word, influential in the marketplace and generous in giving. We see a church that prioritises prayer, the teaching of the Word and faith.

But how are these to be translated into a culture and voice for the next generation? Let’s hear the voice of an emerging Skyline leader today. Pastor Rachel shares her journey from the early days in a typical SIB urban church to a contemporary vibrant Australian congregation to our unique church that is Skyline, opening her heart on what we must keep in focus and what we can do better now!

This is vital because we sit on the cusp of a transition to new premises in the next couple of years. Beyond configuring our new sanctuary into a place where all ages, young and older will find expression in worship, we need to see what else we must do to embrace and nurture the next generation. Complacency and apathy are never options in a fast changing world where computing speed doubles every few years.

How are we to present the Gospel to the Millennial generation and beyond? They are so used to instant information, gratification and 3-D graphics that talking pulpit heads hardly draw them. How do we present God’s truth in new, compelling ways without shedding its the core message? This AGD, lets give to Missions and to the House of God so we can build the future together for His glory!

Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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