Happy Anniversary Gift Day, Skyline!
Fifteen years have passed and it’s been an amazing journey. I remember the Sunday of June 10 in 2001, when over fifty people, kids and adults, gathered in a small room in Pacific Sutera for our maiden voyage. There was one salvation that day, a token of greater things to come! Today we have grown into a church of over nine hundred attendees, known in the city, the marketplace and the nation. 

Welcome to Skyline and I trust you will enjoy the celebration service this morning as well as amazing sneak-peeks from the past in our special issue of Skyline’s souvenir magazine.  You will be blessed and encouraged over what God has done over these years. This church is about transformed lives, real flesh and blood people who met Jesus and were never the same again. It’s about faith in a living and loving God; seeing His power break through miraculously at different phases and challenges of our combined journey! It is about the God provides, who never fails!

It is about over 900 people united in 50 cells, guided by 19 zone leaders, shepherded by 11 pastors, led by 5 elders and having ONE VISION which is to LOVE GOD, MAKE DISCIPLES, TRANSFORM COMMUNITIES. This is an intentional disciple-making church that grows leaders through mentoring and believes that every believer is called to be a full-time minister in the workplace and the church. It is a church called to have a heart for the poor, especially for the indigenous church in Sabah.

So let’s come into God’s presence with thanksgiving this morning. Enjoy the dynamic worship and God-saturated atmosphere. Let SKYSO, our Skycom Strings Orchestra amaze you. Let Skynews’ reflection of 15 years move you. Also let our special AGD gifts touch your heart. It’s a double DVD of our recent productions: “Undeserved” and “Finding Ana”. May your life be full of God’s amazing love and grace! Today as we come to GIVE with gratitude and thanksgiving for all He has done for us, let us give generously, cheerfully and purposefully for TODAY we bless the world!

Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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