As they were talking about these things, Jesus himself stood among them, 
and said to them, “Peace to you!”  But they were startled and frightened and
thought they saw a spirit. (Luke 24:36-37)

It’s strange how when miracles unfold before our eyes sometimes we are too stunned or blasé to grasp the significance of the moment. That was what happened to the disciples when the resurrected Jesus appeared before them and said “Peace to you.” The women had earlier told them about the empty tomb and about angels who had said Jesus had risen, but they did not believe (v 11). Peter too, had visited the empty tomb and seen the cloth lying in there. He initially wondered but later we know Jesus did appear to Peter alone (v 34). John had greater faith. He had already believed the moment he entered the empty tomb with Peter (Jn 20:8). And by that resurrection evening all the disciples were pretty much convinced Jesus was alive!  They all said so to the other disciples who had returned from Emmaus (v 34).

Yet when Jesus did appear they were shocked! They thought they were seeing a ghost. After all that bravado and high-five talk. In fact they were terrified. Strange. Mary Magdalene was the only one among them who had seen Him and was not afraid (Jn 20:16). Why I wonder? I think it was her love for Him. Her faith and longing for Jesus never wavered even after His crucifixion and death. To expect to see Him again was a “natural” thing, whether spirit or body! She of all the others grasped the significance of the moment. “Rabboni!” she cried in pouring out her love and worship for her risen Lord (Jn 20:16). The others? Well, they just kept silent “hardly daring to disbelieve for joy” (v 40)… just marveling. Jesus had to go one step more and eat a fish to prove to them he was not a spirit (v 42-43). The moment had passed.

Miracles will break out this season. When they do, grasp the moment. Don’t belittle it thinking it’s coincidental or part of the norm. Walk with Him, listen to Him, long for Him and recognize the miracle moment as He stands in the midst of your finances and business, your family and kids, your health and future and say: Peace to you!”

Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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