“These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus and His brothers” (Acts 1:14)

We have now entered into the halfway stage of the forty days of prayer. Have you joined us for any of the mornings? They have been filled with deep communion with God and a sense of togetherness It’s been quite a sight each morning while it is still dark, to see streams of vehicles, headlights blazing, roll into the Sutera Harbour car park before dawn. People get out and hurry briskly to the sanctuary, not wanting to be late; couples with children or teens in their school uniforms, young adults and older folks, they all come! Is any other church in KK experiencing such a remarkable turnout for dawn prayer each day, I wonder? Tw hundred people! It never ceases to amaze me! It’s been a huge privilege to pastor such a responsive church! 

As you enter the bright sanctuary, the worship team is there, all ready. The prayer leader for that morning who is either an elder, pastor, ministry head or zone leader is all set to go! The expectation is palpable! We begin with worship and praise. Early in the morning our songs rise like incense to God! People have testified of answered prayers and I too have experienced breakthroughs in my family and finance these past two weeks. God is meeting with those who will rise up early to seek Him! He whispers to us in the quiet of the morning, encourages us through the prayers of the Skyline family. We gather in groups to pray for every state of Malaysia, for Skyline, for our needs and requests often dropped into a prayer box in the front. 

Some pray aloud, others quietly, others in barely audible whispers but God hears us! If you have missed out or have been infrequent in the forty days of prayer NOW is the time to join the church and enter into the flow again these next 18 days! I believe miracles will break out and many will have watershed experience of God as well as personal spiritual breakthroughs. The early church persevered in prayer and the Holy Spirit fell. As we tarry, God promises we shall be endued with power from on high! 

Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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