How much better to get wisdom than gold! 
And to get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver (Pro 16:16)

Last week I was in the Gold Coast in Queensland. I had always assumed that its name came from the pristine beaches gilded by the rays of the setting sun. I was wrong. Gold fever in the form of skyrocketing real estate prices after the world war two sealed its name. It has now become a popular holiday playground. Theme parks like Sea World and Dreamworld draw tourists from all over the globe. Skyscrapers and luxury condominiums prophesy fortune and wealth. Yet mixed in with this Eden of carefully crafted artificial lagoons and tower blocks are churches, many of them vibrant and alive with neon crosses at night. In this city it seems, eternal, spiritual wisdom live cheek by jowl with temporal, physical gold.

When faced with an either-or choice, the bible tells us to get wisdom first. What is wisdom? It is knowing where we come from and who we are going to. It is knowing that there is more to life than the mere acquisition of wealth. It is having a purpose when we leave the door to go to work each day and acknowledging that it is God who gives us the power to gain wealth and to change lives. Some things money can’t buy! When Peter said to the lame man at the temple gate: “Silver and gold have I none… But what I HAVE I give unto you…” he is telling us of a power in him greater than money which will impact the marketplace (Acts 3:6).  

You can have the power at work today! It begins as we yield to God, allow the Holy Spirit to baptize us afresh and anoint us as workplace ministers. God today is raising fresh generations of believers who are empowered with both wisdom and boldness to reach our workstations, touch our clients, suppliers and make the difference to our offices, businesses and factories. You are called to engage, influence and transform the workplace! Together we can turn it from one that worships gold to one that knows God. If you have any doubts, listen to such a man in Tan Sri Chan Ah Chye today! 

Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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