Now when He had said these things, He cried with a loud voice, “Lazarus, come forth!” And he who had died came out, bound hand and foot with grave clothes… Jesus said to them, “Loose him, and let him go.” (John 11: 43-44)

Jesus raised the dead three times in the course of His public ministry. First there was the widow of Nain’s son who had been dead for several hours, probably less than a day (Lk 7:11-17). Then He raised Jairus’ daughter who had been dead only literally minutes (Lk 8: 49-54). But it was Lazarus who set the all-time record in John 11:39: four days! Can such miracles happen in our scientific age? You bet! Here are a few: Our daughter Sarah came back to life minutes after being found dead in August 2002. In November 2001, Daniel Ekechukwu, a Nigerian pastor came back from the dead two days after his corpse had been embalmed and placed in a mortuary. Then there is the amazing case of the Singaporean lawyer Suzanne Chin, who came back to life three days after being declared brain dead in a hospital in Hong Kong in 2009! I met her personally in Singapore to verify her story in 2013.

All three were believers. In each of them the miracle followed intense prayers of faith either at the time of death or in the hours or days that followed. Somewhere, someone took Jesus at His word and began to speak life into dead. I did it to Sarah and so did Freida, our friend who had discovered Sarah’s lifeless body on a rope. Pastor Daniel’s wife refused to give up on her prayers and insisted on moving her husband’s body to a rally where Reinhardt Bonke was speaking! In the case of Suzanne, her brother who was a Christian prayed for days at her bedside refusing the doctors permission to turn off her life support. In all cases faith, perseverance and a belief that God’s love never gives up broke the chains of death and brought the dead back to life!

Jesus told us we would do greater works than these (John 14:12) because He was going to the Father. In other words, he’s left us a legacy of greatness! The blind should see, the deaf hear, dumb talk and the dead should be raised to life! More frequently!

Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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