“Did not our hearts burn within us while He talked with us on the road?” (Lk24:32)

A few years back, I gave an altar call for salvation at the end of my Sunday sermon in a large church in KL. No one responded. Undeterred, I repeated the call not once but several times as I felt the Spirit urge me. Finally a gentleman near the front raised his hand. I acknowledge him but then continued with even more calls for salvation until a lady seated eight rows back responded. They were the only two decisions that day.

Unknown to me two were estranged husband and wife who had come up to KL to finalize their divorce. Their lawyers had said that the documents weren’t ready and they had each stayed on in KL with different friends waiting until Monday for the signing. That Sunday unknown to each other, their separate friends brought them to the same service in the same church! What are the chances of that happening in a city of four million people? Neither were Christians, neither knew each was in the service and neither knew each had received the Lord that day! They only found out when the ushers brought them together at the end of the service to pray with them and to get their personal details!

Both were stunned! They then realized it had to be God. The man confessed to the ushers he was the one at fault; it was he who had caused the marriage breakup and now God had told him to give the marriage a second chance. There were tears, forgiveness, hugs and laughter and the beginning of a deep healing that morning! A divine appointment had been crafted and executed by God.

One of the wonderful results of walking close with the Lord and being aware of Him in “small” things is that we see miracles.  We may not expect them but often they breaks forth before our very eyes! The two disciples on the road to Emmaus were changed forever by their unsolicited divine appointment with Jesus! Similarly trust God and obey Him. Divine appointments are miracles! 

Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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