Bold with Strength in My Soul 使我内心胆壮而有能力

On the day I called, you answered me; you made me bold with strength in my soul.
(Psalm 138:3)

Ever wondered why gender disparity exists at the top level in global companies? Ever wondered why in academia fewer women are top tier professors? Take a tip from Sheryl Sandberg. She is the chief operating office in Facebook, and earns a whopping 26 million dollars a year. She was giving a talk on what women need to do to get to the top of their profession. She said they needed to learn from men. Not that men were smarter (they’re not). But women must see that sometimes, it was women (not men) who were holding women back! Huh? They play too much by the rules, pay too much attention to what is said, and miss out on bold breaks.

A case in point came during question time when Sandberg fielded questions from men and women in the audience. This went on a while until Sandberg, visibly tiring, said she’d only take one or two more questions. After that, the women all stopped raising their hands. But the men kept raising their hands and asking…. and amazingly, Sandberg kept answering! Later Sandberg observed: the women obeyed the “rules” and went only so far. The men broke the “rules” and went further. They didn’t ask for permission. They weren’t as scared of being “wrong” as the women were. And they got their desired results! Breaking out of our natural comfort zones is BOLDNESS.

Beloved how do we become bold for God? Ps 138:3 gives us the keys. We start by “calling upon the Lord.” He gives strength. He answered David. He will speak to us. His grace is always sufficient… (2 Cor 12:9). He made David’s soul bold. Ours too! Our emotions are healed by His love: confidence returns! Our minds are girded by His assurance: determination blooms! Our wills are yielded to Him: faith arises! We break the rules of “can’t do” and embrace the promises of “But God can!”


您是否曾经想过,为什么在跨国公司里被委任为高层员工往往存在着性别不平等的问题呢?您又是否想过,为何在学术界里只有少数顶级的女教授呢?让我们从雪莉.桑德伯格 (Sheryl Sandberg) 身上学些小贴士吧!她是面子书 (Facebook) 的总裁,并领着一年260万美元的高薪。她最近在一个座谈会上分享女人该如何在各自的职场上达到高峰。她说,需要向男性学习。她这么说并不是因为男人比较聪明 (他们不是) , 但女人需明白,有些时候是她们自己 (不是男人) 阻止了自己继续前进!哦,是吗?她们太循规蹈矩了,并且太过在意外界的看法以至错过了胆壮的突破。


亲爱的,我们要如何为上帝而胆壮呢?诗篇138:3给了我们几个关键。我们以“呼求上帝”来开始,让祂赐予我们能力。祂应允了大卫,祂也会向我们说话。祂的恩典够你用… (哥林多后书12:9) 祂使大卫的心里刚强,我们的也是!我们的情绪能被祂的爱所医治:自信就回来了!我们的思想有上帝的认可围绕着:决心就绽放了!我们的意愿因顺服祂而萌生:信心就增长了!我们要突破这“不可行”的规范并欣然接受祂“但上帝却可行”的应许。

Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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