So I say to those who aren’t married and to widows-
it’s better to stay unmarried, just as I am (1 Corinthians 7:8)

In our survey of Skyline last year, approximately 25% of the church above twenty-four years of age are single compared to the national average of 32%. This tells us two things about our church. While Skyline has more married people, the data shows that either marrieds are more likely to come to church, or that the singles are more likely to get married if they come to Skyline than if they stayed outside! I hope it is the latter, although I have no proof! Secondly, the survey tells us that the percentage of singles is not insignificant! In fact, if you include the 18-24 year age group, then singles make up 39% of Skyline! That is a huge group with great resources and skills waiting to be tapped.

What’s your view about singleness? Our views can be either coloured by culture or by scripture. Let’s hear what the Bible says. Is marriage preferable to a life of singleness? Is marriage superior? Not according to the Apostle Paul (1 Corinthians 7:1-10). There is nothing wrong with Christians who choose to remain single. On the contrary, singleness is better than marriage. Certainly marriage is good, but the relationship with our spouse can suffer tremendous strain when marriages face our immoral culture.

Furthermore, being married divides our devotion between our spouse and our God. Only single Christians can truly enjoy undivided loyalty to the Lord. If God calls you to marriage, follow His will. Marriage is good. But God may call singles to serve Him apart from marriage and children. Let’s help our Christian culture recognize this lofty calling, and stop treating singles as second-class citizens in the church. We must welcome them into our families and encourage them to continue to make a difference with their lives. Don’t just always harp on “Do you have a boy/girl friend?” A young man or young lady does NOT have to be married to have worth, recognition and influence. They are just as valuable as marrieds in God’s sight.

歌林多前书 7:8

去年,在Skyline 的一项问卷统计报告中显示,相比起我国平均所占的32%,教会里大约有25% 24岁或以上的年轻单身人士。这项报告显示了我们教会有2项特点:第一,已婚人士比较可能来到我们的教会;或比起在外,许多单身人士比较有可能在我们教会结婚!我没有任何的凭据,但我希望后者是对的。第二,这个统计告诉我们,单身人数的百分率不容忽视!事实上,若是包括18-24岁的成员,在Skyline的单身人数将提升至39%!这是一组拥有巨多资源和才能有待发掘的庞大人群。

请问您对单身有什么的看法呢?我们的观点可由传统文化或是经文其一来着色。让我们来聆听经文中所说。婚姻生活有比单身来得更好吗?婚姻是更高尚的吗?使徒保罗并不是那么说的(哥林多前书 7:1-10),基督徒选择维持单身并非一个错误。反之,单身来得比结婚还要好。无可否认婚姻是一件美好的事,但我们与配偶的关系在不道德文化之下,必承受巨大的压力。

再说,结婚会隔离配偶和我们与上帝之间的灵修忠诚。唯有单身的基督徒才能真正地领受到与上帝不可分割的忠诚美好。若上帝呼召您进入一段婚姻,就应当跟随祂的旨意。婚姻是美好的,但神更加可呼召单身贵族在没有婚姻和孩子下事奉祂。让我们一起来帮助我们基督文化,来承认这崇高的呼召,并停止把单身贵族视为二等公民。我们必须欢迎他们进入我们的大家庭,鼓励他们,并在他们生命中带来良好的改变。请不要一直在他们耳边问道:”你有了男/女朋友了吗?” 一名年青的男女不必从结婚中找到他们的价值、认可或是影响力。然而,在上帝的眼里, 然而,在上帝的眼里,他们和已婚者一样地珍贵。

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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