Changing the Spiritual Climate 转化圣灵的气候

What an amazing forty days of prayer and fasting this season has been. I don’t know about you, but I know as a church we have taken a big step upward in faith. Each day, over 200-300 people have turned up to pray at dawn. Every one of us who has come, has experienced God afresh. We have had many breakthroughs.
In the midst of this, we have been praying for, and towards Ps Philip Mantofa’s rally as well, and I believe these last couple of nights, we have seen the spiritual atmosphere over our land change. Were you there at Penampang stadium? The atmosphere was charged with the presence of the Lord. Thousands turned up. There were so many salvations and rededication of lives. The Holy Spirit visited us mightily! There has been much prayer to break the powerful hold of witchcraft and nominalism among our bumiputera brethren, and I sensed a heavy yoke has been broken over His people.
There is a very special anointing on Ps Philip Mantofa. He is full of the fire of God and a love for His Kingdom. He is radically committed to God’s ways and, is fearless in confronting the powers of darkness. He is unapologetic in rebuking the spirit of nominalism or religiosity in believers. He has a great love for the unsaved, the poor, the marginalised and children, and I believe it has been God’s time for him to come to Sabah, and to bring God’s fire to our land.
Where do we go from here? We cannot, and must never, return to business as usual! God is stirring our land. We must do two things to tap into this new atmosphere. Make time to pray in SkyHOP, and continue meeting with your loving Heavenly Father. Come to CP8 every Tuesday night to pray for the unsaved, our nation, our families and our Bumiputera brethren. Then we must reach out to the unsaved and serve the communities that God has called us to. We are in a season of a new spiritual climate, and we can never be the same again as a church. It is the season to take this land


当为福音代祷的时候,我相信在前两天晚上都体会到圣灵气氛在这地的转化。您有出席兵南邦综合体育馆的福音聚会吗? 实在充满了主的同在,场面万人空苍!有许多人得到救恩,圣灵大大降临我们!在诸多祷告之下,巫术和挂名信仰的力量已在我们土族的弟兄姐妹当中被破除了,同时也使上帝的子民重担得释放!

Philip Mantofa 牧师带着很独特的恩膏。他对神充满热忱,更深爱着神的国度。他完全委身奔跑神的道路、从不畏惧对抗黑暗力量,毫无保留地申斥挂名信仰之灵和宗教信徒。他也关爱着爱着还未得救的、贫穷的、边缘地区的居民和小孩。我相信是神要他在这时刻到来沙巴,为这地带来复兴之火。

那我们现在要何去何从呢?我们再也不能,也不可以一如往昔!神早已在沙巴开始工作了,要在这地复兴!我们必须做这两件事去配合这焕新的气氛。空出时间到Sky HOP 祷告,继续和您亲爱的天父上帝见面。每逢星期二晚上来CP8 为未得救的人、国家、家人和土族的肢体们祷告。我们要传播福音和服侍神为我们预备的社群。身处在焕然一新的转化圣灵气候的季节当中,我们教会都会与往日不同了!因是这是得着的这地时候!让我们为上帝的国度兴起吧!


Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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