Christmas Conversations 圣诞的开场白

Now when they had seen Him, they made widely known the saying which was told them concerning this Child. And all those who heard it marvelled at those things which were told them by the shepherds.
(Luke 2:17-18)

Did you hear about the international media storm last week? Some world leaders were having a laugh about President Trump at the NATO summit. Unknown to them, TV cameras were able to decipher what President Trudeau of Canada said to President Macron of France and Boris Johnson of the UK over a glass of wine. “Did you see his team’s jaw drop?” President Trudeau asked the others referring to President Trump’s prolonged press conference earlier. “He always takes forty minutes over the top…” (that is, he is usually at least forty minutes late for his appointments). They laughed. When it was reported back to Trump, he was not amused. He labelled Trudeau “two-faced”, cancelled other news conferences, and flew back to the US in a rage. It’s Christmas. And world leaders can’t even start decent conversations!

But we can! And we must continue our conversations from Joseph into Christmas and beyond! All who came to the musical have been hugely blessed and impacted. Comments that “It was so enjoyable!”, “So good!” or “Top-notch production!” are still heard today. But deep down inside many are wondering. Was it a true story? Who’s Joseph? Did his brothers really betray him? Somehow people are more open to listen to you now… It has gotten much easier to connect and talk about the musical, to tell them that it was a true story from the Bible, that it is a story about hope, forgiveness, love, and reconciliation, that it foreshadows what Christ has done for us. That’s why Jesus was born at Christmas. Share the gospel if the opportunity arises.

But this season, don’t miss out on the opportunity to invite friends and family to our Christmas services. Dare to dream they will come to know the Lord! Dare to ask them to come. Dare to tell them about the need to respond to Christ when the altar call is given! Start the Christmas conversations today!


您是否有听说过在上个星期所发生国际媒体的风暴吗?有几位世界领袖在北大西洋公约(NATO)的峰会上嘲笑特朗普总统。但他们不晓得的是,电视摄影机其实可以辨别加拿大总统贾丝廷.特鲁多(Trudeau)和法国总统马克龙(Macron),还有英国总统鲍里斯.约翰逊(Boris Johnson)交谈中的对话。“您们是否看见他的团队惊讶的表情吗?” 贾丝廷.特鲁多 (Trudeau)总统向其他提问。而他指的是特朗普(Trump)总统让之前的新闻发布会延迟结束的举动。“他总是花40分钟以上的时间…”(那是指,他通常都在他会比预约的时间再迟到至少40分钟)。他们都笑了。当这事传到了特朗普耳中时,他一丁点都不觉得好笑。他标签特鲁多是“双面人”,并且取消了其他的新闻发布会,一怒之下便飞返回美国。如今正逢圣诞的季节,但连世界领袖都不能有个很得体的开场白!

但是我们可以!并且应该继续地把关于约瑟舞台剧(Joseph Musical)的开场白带入圣诞节和之后的日子里!所有来观赏舞台剧的观众都被大大的祝福和影响。至到今天,还可以听到如“实在太享受了!”,“太棒了!”或“顶尖的制作!”的评语。但在他们的心灵深处其实还存有疑惑。那故事是真实的吗?约瑟到底是谁?他的兄弟真的出卖了他吗?不知何故的,人们开始愿意打开心门的听你述说。这使我们更容易去联系和分享关于约瑟舞台剧,让他们知道那是圣经里的一个真实故事。一个关于盼望、宽恕、爱和关系重修旧好的故事,也就是基督为我们所成全的预兆。这就是为什么耶稣在圣诞这天出世了。当机会来临时,就勇于分享福音吧!


Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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