There was once a man who worked very hard just to keep food on the table for his family. The day before Christmas, he had chided his little five-year-old daughter for wasting all of their expensive gold wrapping paper for her shoebox present under the Christmas tree. He also was concerned where she had money to buy any gift.

The next morning, the little girl, filled with excitement, brought the box to her father and said, “This is for you, Daddy!” As he opened the gift, the father was embarrassed when he found the shoebox empty. His anger flared. “Don’t you know, young lady,” he said harshly, “when you give someone a present, there’s supposed to be something inside the package!” His daughter girl looked at him, with tears rolling down her eyes. “Daddy, it’s not empty,” she said. “I blew kisses into it until it was all full.”

The father was crushed. He fell on his knees, put his arms around his little girl, and begged her to forgive him for his anger. An accident took the life of the child later the following year. It is told that the father kept this little gold box by his bed for all the years of his life. Whenever he was discouraged or faced difficult problems, he would open the box, take out an imaginary kiss, and remember the love of his daughter who had put it there.

In a very real sense, each of us has been given an invisible golden box filled with unconditional love and kisses from God. There is no more precious possession than that! On Christmas Day, God gave you His greatest gift: Jesus. He came that you may have a new life. Whatever you may be facing this Christmas, God wants to fill your heart with His unending love. That’s His eternal gift to you. Will you receive it?


隔天早上,小女孩满怀兴奋地拿着那份礼物送给她爸爸并说:”爸爸,这是给你的!” 当父亲打开礼物时,发现盒子里竟然是空的,他顿时感到即尴尬又生气。他很严厉地斥责说:”女儿啊,你知不知道,当你送礼物给人时,里面得要有东西啊!” 女儿凝视着父亲,眼泪便缓缓地从眼眶流下,她回答说: “爸爸,盒子里面并不是空的, 是我用了很多很多的飞吻来把它给填满的。”


然而在现实当中,我们每个人都被赐予了一个装满了由上帝而来的无私慈爱和亲吻的无形金盒子。没有任何东西比这更宝贵了!在圣诞当天,上帝给了您祂最伟大的礼物: 耶稣。祂来,是让您拥有更美好的新生命。在这圣诞里,无论您面临着什么,上帝要把祂那无私的爱充满您的心。那是祂要给您的永恒礼物。而您会去接受吗?

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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