Connect or Fade…

And day by day….breaking bread in their homes,
they received their food with glad and generous hearts,
praising God and having favour with all the people.
And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved
(Acts 2:46-47).
From this year onwards, all cells will be called Connect Groups (CGs). The change in name is intentional and important for all of us. I believe it will make a difference to how we see home groups. You see, while Cell Groups emphasize structural units that meet regularly, Connect Groups tell us that the gathering each week is to link life-to-life, to relate as a family, to spiritually nurture and care for one another! It clarifies immediately when anyone asks what these weekly meetings do. Today, we begin a secondary sign up for CGs called “Let’s Connect”, where everyone not yet in a CG will be invited by members to join their CG for the year 2017. Why is this so vital?
As the church grows, life in small groups becomes absolutely essential to nurture the genuine, caring family culture that is in Skyline, and to nourish the spiritual life of every person. On our own, unconnected and unrelated, we become low-hanging fruits, easily picked off by the Enemy of doubts and discouragement. Loneliness or spiritual dryness can worm their way into our souls, and the Devil will tell us no one really cares! Such lies easily deceive the solo pilgrim. And all because by dint or default, we have opted not to belong to one of the many exciting, loving and nurturing small families called Connect Groups within this expanding family called Skyline!
But what will God do for you in a Connect Cell? Acts 2: 46-47 tells us that when God’s people meet in homes regularly, spiritual and physical food will abound. There will be gladness! Read that as joy and laughter, and the lifting of your spirits! Generosity will be evident in the sharing and the giving of spiritual and physical helps. You will grow in the Word. There shall be salvations. Favour comes on your life! Wow! And you still want to do it alone??? Stop. Think. Listen, and you will hear; God is telling you to “Connect today!”

Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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