Curtains Down, Christmas Up 约瑟的落幕,圣诞的来临

“And Joseph wept…”
(Genesis 50:17)

If you’ve missed Joseph, that’s so sad. The show is sold out, and tonight the curtains finally come down. It is unlikely we will do Joseph again. We have had an incredible journey in the performing arts as a church. It’s been a journey from temerity and doubt, to one of confidence and gratitude. In our first ever production of Joseph in 2010, budget was limited, the stage was small, we were unsure of our pool of local talent. We tapped on choreographers and musicians from overseas. Props and lightings were basic. But we pulled it off, and to our surprise the response from the audience was tremendous. It gave us confidence to do something else the following year and the year after, and every year ever since, except for 2015 when we took a break.

Today, we celebrate the closing show. Don’t forget to start conversations with your friends. Dare to dream they will come to know the Lord. Dare to ask what they thought of the show. Which was their favourite part? What made them laugh most? Which was most meaningful? What moved them? Dare to tell that the show is about hope beyond hopelessness and despair. It’s a real story about love and forgiveness after betrayal. That the story of Joseph is from the Bible. That it’s a prelude to the story of Christmas, of Christ coming to the world to forgive us of our sins and rebellion against God. And to reconcile us to Himself.

Then invite them to come for the Christmas week. On Sunday, December 22 we have a special outreach service. And again, on Christmas Day, let’s pack out the church! Bring your friends and family! There’ll be surprise reprises from Joseph. Which scenes? I don’t know. But come and find out. Tell your friends they’ll get to watch bits of “Joseph” again! There’ll be powerful messages on both Sundays. Dare to dream again that your friends and family will come to know the Lord both in SE and SM!

(创世记 50:17)

如果您错过了约瑟舞台剧(Joseph Musical),那就太可惜了。入门票已全都售光,而今晚就是最后一场了。我们很可能不会再制作这部音乐剧了。我们教会在表演艺术的事工上一路走来也经历了很多不可思议的事。我们从一个既莽撞又自我怀疑的心态逐渐蜕变成充满自信与感恩的心灵状态。在2010年,当我们正制作着首个约瑟音乐剧时,我们经费有限、舞台非常狭小、我们也不确定本地的演艺才华的水准的高低。我们非常依赖国外的编舞师与音乐家。当时的道具和灯光也是非常简陋的。即便如此,我们成功的把音乐剧呈现出来,很意外地它也得到了观众们热烈的反应。这促使我们更加有信心在来临的一年,甚至是之后的每一年制作出各个不同演艺作品,除了2015年之外。



Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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