Last week, at the Alpha workplace conference in KL I interviewed and spoke to two young entrepreneurs. One was a millennial who had successfully started Flexiroam, a service that inter-connects mobile networks worldwide to allow for cheaper roaming on international travels. His name is Jeffrey. He is a believer, and his company is listed on the Australian stock exchange making him worth millions at the ripe old age of 37! I found that getting into the head of a millennial was interesting. They are creative and super-confident of their abilities and goals, but as Jeffrey admitted, he was super-lost in his core values. They are prepared to learn fast and willing to go for broke. They look for significance in work, but desperately need workplace mentors and spiritual fathers.

Jeff had a mentor, an older man called David Ong who took him under his wings, built him up spiritually, and introduced him to people who could help him with his start-up. Why did David do this? Because years before, when David himself had just come out of drug addiction, someone had poured his life into him and mentored him into a workplace leader. He was now paying it forward. We need workplace mentors today!

The second person was Richard, a man who by his early forties, had held many CEO positions of large companies. His latest one was with a large multinational oil-palm conglomerate. His journey to success was filled with pain. His wife died of cancer leaving him with a boy of four. He was arrogant and proud by his own admission to the extent that he believed that there was no company problem he couldn’t solve! Today he has re-married. His wife is a former NTV7 newscaster and a committed Christian. His son is now seven years old. Now humbled, his core values have changed. Now compassion for his workers permeates his CEO-ship, his concerns for environmental sustainability is written into his company vision, and profits are growing. Now he wants to bring Alpha into his company of twenty thousand workers in Indonesia! God is doing great things.

上个星期,我在吉隆坡的Alpha 职场启发研讨会中访问了两名年轻的企业家。其中一名是千禧世代 (Y世代),他成功开创了灵活漫游 (Flexiroam), 一款连接国际手机网络以提供较廉价漫遊服务的应用程序。他的名字是 Jeffrey,是一名基督信徒。他的公司在澳洲证卷交易所挂牌上市,才37岁的他已经坐拥数百万身家!我觉得千禧世代 (Y世代) 的思想是挺有趣的。他们都非常有创意,而且还对自己能达到目标的能力有十足的信心和把握。然而,Jefferey 承认,他本身对于核心价值观是非常迷茫的。他们预备好快速地学习与尝试,即便面对破产的风险也无所畏惧。他们从工作中寻求生命的意义,然而他们需要的更是职场上的导师和属灵父亲。

Jeff 有一位比较年长的导师,名叫 David Ong,把Jeff有如在他翼下般庇护着、建立他的属灵生命、并在有助于他创业的有力人士面前推荐他。David 为什么要这样做呢?因为在数年前,当他从毒瘾中走出来时,有人浇灌了他的生命,并带领他成为一名职场上的领袖。他现在为当年受过的恩惠,回报于将来的下一代。今日的职场的确需要明达的导师啊!

第二名访问人物名叫 Richard, 是一位接近40岁的中年人,他在许多大公司当过首席执行长官。他现在在一间跨国的油棕企业集团担任首席执行长。他一路走来的成功道路上,充满了伤痛。他的太太因癌症逝世,离开了他和4岁的儿子。曾经高傲的他,认为只要是经他手打理的各个事物必都会迎刃而解,没有什么事情是他解决不了的!今天,他再次与一位前任的NTV7新闻播报员结婚,她是一位虔诚的基督信徒。儿子已经7岁了,他也谦卑了、价值观已改变了。如今在执行职务时可以看见他处处对下属的关爱。他也把环境永续保护的议题正式纳入了公司的企业愿景,公司业绩也因而增长。现在,他要把Alpha带入他在印尼拥有 20,000 (两万) 名员工的公司内! 神正在行大事。

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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