DOES GOD EXIST? 上帝真的存在吗?

Only fools say in their hearts, “There is no God” (Psalm 14:1)

I have read many books that proclaim there is no God. In the West, I am aware of being in a culture that has largely rejected God and the Church. People don’t just tolerate Christians; they despise them, and think the Bible is outdated and irrelevant. They think the Church has used Christianity to rule, control, and abuse people over hundreds of years. The reports of Roman Catholic priests charged with pedophilia is part of this  betrayal. The church is imperfect, but thank God, our faith is based not on it, but Christ!

The starting point for me is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Did He exist? Non-biblical writers like Josephus and Tacitus attest to the fact He existed, taught, and preached. His rising from the dead is to me irrefutable. If the Jews or the Romans had stolen the body, then all they had to do was to produce it to stop the spread of the Gospel. They couldn’t. Nor could the disciples have stolen the corpse. If they did, they would never have died for a lie. There is no way to explain the spread of the Gospel, but by the fact they had seen the risen Lord. But can we trust the Bible which tells us these things?

Generally, the more ancient manuscripts we have of the Bible, the more we can be sure of its authenticity and accuracy. And the earlier the manuscripts the better. The Bible has an astonishing five thousand ancient manuscripts, the largest of any volume in the world. And the earliest complete New Testament manuscript is the Codex Sinaiticus that sits in the British Museum, dated just 350 years after Christ! Just for comparison the earliest copy of Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars we have today is more than 1000 years after the event. Yet we believed Caesar existed and did what the book said he did!

So convinced of the resurrection, I receive Him as my GOD and Saviour. As I do so, I find He points me back to the Bible because He Himself believed it to be true. People may understandably judge Christianity by the Church. I believe because of Christ.







一般来说,当我们拥有越多圣经的手稿,就越能够证实圣经的准确度与真实性。除此之外,越早期的手稿越好。圣经里包含了高达5000份手稿,比世上任何一本书来得更多。而最早期的新约手稿,西乃抄本 (Codex Sinaiticus),如今正存于英国博物馆,此抄本在耶稣离开的350年后就出现了!相对之下,凯撒的《高卢战争》最早期的手稿是在1000年后才出现。但我们仍旧相信凯撒的存在和他在书中说述说的事!



Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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