Don’t Be A Wildebeest 不要成为角马

A few years ago, a plane crashed in Kinshasa in Africa. Twenty people on board, including both pilots, were killed outright. No one could understand the reason for the crash. The plane was in good condition, the pilots were experienced, visibility was clear, and there were no signs of mechanical failure. When they interviewed the lone survivor, a bizarre story emerged.

One of the passengers had smuggled a small crocodile on board the plane in a bag. As the plane was coming into land, the crocodile escaped. The stewardess ran to the front of the plane to tell the pilots. The passengers saw her running away from the crocodile, and panicked. They ran after her. All the weight shifted to the front of the plane, and it went into a dive. The pilot told everyone to get back, but with the nose down they couldn’t climb back up the aisle. The plane plunged head first to earth.

But the crocodile survived because it was in the rear. As it crawled off the wreck to escape into the bush, a local saw it, and hacked it to death with a machete. So, without the survivor, no one would have known a croc caused the crash. Actually, it wasn’t the croc. It was just panic. People will blindly follow others running in one direction! We all do that, even though history shows it often results in losses, death, or destruction.

It’s called the herd mentality. Wildebeest stampede out of fear and lions finish them off. That’s why when we find ourselves blindly following the crowd, it’s time to stop and think. The only opportunity is before we join the herd. Once we’re in, it’s too late. So think. God calls us to be salt and light in our workplace. What does He want us to do differently at work? Ask Him. Reflect, and He will tell you: “Let your light shine!”


原来机上的一名乘客偷偷地把一只小鳄鱼带上了飞机。当飞机即将降落时,那只鳄鱼竟然逃了出来。机上的服务员立即跑到驾驶舱去告诉机长。所有的乘客看见那服务员非常惊慌的逃离那只鳄鱼,便也着急了起来。他们也随着她跑向飞机的前端。顿时, 所有的重量转移到飞机的前头并猛然向陆地的方向俯冲。虽然机长已吩咐他们立即回到座位上,但飞机已经朝下,他们已无法爬回机舱。飞机的机头便骤然坠向陆地。

这就是从众心理。当一群角马因惊慌奔逃时,狮子便有机会将它们一网打尽。所以说,当我们发现我们在盲目地跟风时,就意味着我们是时候停下并想一想了。而那唯一的机会就是在跟随群众之前。一旦我们被牵涉其中,那就已经太迟了。因此,我们必须想一想。上帝呼召我们成为职场上的光和盐。祂要我们在工作上有何与众不同?求问上帝。经过一番深思,祂便会告诉您: “让您的光芒闪耀!”

Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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