Dreaming for Joseph 与约瑟一同做梦

“Here comes that dreamer!” they said to each other. (Genesis 37:19)

Are you a dreamer? Joseph was! And so are we. We dream of impacting this city with the good news of Jesus, and bringing transformation to the next generation. We dream of thousands of lives, young and old being drawn to the power of God to restore and heal. We dream of hospitals being emptied, the poor being set free from their poverty and the rich making this happen. We dream of engaging the corridors of power and bringing change to our state and nation. We dream of living in a nation where we are not judged by the origins of our ethnicity nor the creed of our religious beliefs, where every race has equal place and voice and where every religion is respected and given room for expression! We dream!

We dare dream big because we have a big God! To all who dare, God will give us more dreams and the grace to interpret the dreams of others. Joseph dreamed big but it was his singular skill in interpreting dreams that ultimately brought his dreams to pass! As we enter the final quarter of the year, let’s dream! Are you ready? We are into final two months of rehearsals for Joseph. We will soon be announcing ticket sales for our exciting year-end musical. This year, we hope to invite students, young adults, people of all races and religions to watch a musical based on a bible story! There won’t be any altar call, but we will be asking each and every one of us to sow the gospel as part of our follow-up conversation with our friends after the show. Possible? Dream!

Dreamers face all kinds of obstacles. Joseph fell prey to his brothers’ evil plot. Then survived slavery and prison. Yet he never let the dream die! In God’s time it became a reality and impacted Pharaoh and the all of Egypt. This year as we prepare for our musical, let’s dream the Joseph dream and believe again! And see lives changed and the city impacted and Skyline growing to touch the next generation!





Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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