At Skyline we believe in growing stronger and investing into the lives of the people. We have events line up through out the year. Here's what is set for the next few months in our churches' calendar. 


EASTER SUNDAY is coming! Don't forget to join us on 16th April 2017 for our Easter service with a special Movie Screening especially made for you. We hope to see you! 

Date : 16th April 2017

Services : 1st Service // 8.30am | 2nd Service // 10.45am

Venue : Skyline SIB, Level 3, Magellan Sutera Harbour


*WARNING: There's been an outbreak! The zombie apocalypse is upon us!*  

If you're seeking refuge from your infected area, follow the coordinates! Those who wish to survive, come on the 15th April 7pm before the next radioactive wave hits! #yodotcomkk #ZombiesApocalypse

Location Coordinates : Level 3, Magellan Sutera Harbour

This course is designed to help the students understand the importance of balancing our Christian life and walk with God and also our ministry work. Emphasis will be given to the truth that every believer is a steward of God in all areas of our lives. The students will be taught how to manage Christian life and ministry work.

On completion of this subject, students will:
1. Learn what it means to be God’s steward.
2. Understand that it is equally important to God that we manage all areas of our lives well as well as doing ministry work.
3. Understand what is required of a steward.
4. Learn the importance of managing spirit, soul and body.

Apr 20th: 7.30pm  -  10.00pm  
Apr 21st: 7.30pm  -  10.00pm  
Apr 22nd: 8.30am  -  4.30pm

Contact the church office to sign up now!