Finishing the Year Strong 胆壮地结束今年

Now therefore, give me this mountain… and that the cities were great and fortified. It may be that the LORD will be with me, and I shall be able to drive them out as the LORD said.
(Joshua 14:12)

We are now in the final quarter of the year. How are you feeling? Tired? Weary? You got to be kidding! After an incredibly uplifting BOLD Conference last week, I feel more revived than ever. BOLD was to energize us, so that we might finish the year strong. It did that, and much more! I am so thankful to God for the ministry of Ps Yang Tuck Yoong and Ps Daniel Foo. They taught and imparted powerfully to us. What did God speak to you? What have you activated in response to Him? I was so stirred to contend for two things: firstly, for Skyline to be a place where miracles and healings are constants, and secondly, for this to be a church that thrives in faithful giving and financial blessings-a field of plenty and prosperity for all who are rooted here! We need to uproot unbelief, and contend against the giants of faithless doubt and worldly cynicism!

Shammah contended for his lentil patch (2 Samuel 23:11-12). It was his God- ordained inheritance; his destiny! It was his stand against the enemy that brought about a great victory for God’s people. We need more “Shammahs” to arise in Skyline who will fight for miracles and financial breakthroughs to come in. Caleb also contended for the land promised to him. Even in his old age, he never gave up. He asked God for his mountain – the hills of Ephraim! Just because he hadn’t possessed the land after years, it didn’t mean God had forgotten him. Not one bit! His never-say-die attitude persisted into his old age. His spirit gave fire to his eyes and limbs. That’s why the Lord honoured him. He possessed God’s promises and favour because he finished strong. What about you? Will you finish this year strong and be empowered for next year? God wants us to inherit more!


我们已来到今年的最后一个季度了。您的感觉如何?是疲倦吗?还是感到筋疲力尽呢?您是在开玩笑吧!上个星期,我们才刚经历了令人无比振奋的BOLD特会,我如今感觉比以往任何时候都更加兴奋。BOLD特会是为了激励我们,以便我们可以更胆壮地来结束今年。此特会不但做到了这些,并且还达到了更多!我非常感恩上帝的恩典,让我们能够领受到Yang Tuck Yoong 牧师 和Daniel Foo牧师的服事。他们给予了我们非常有能力的教导和传授。在那期间上帝向您说了什么呢?那您又激活了什么来回应上帝呢?上帝激发了我来为这两个事项努力:第一,让Skyline成为一个神迹和医治会不断发生的地方。第二,我们将会因忠心的奉献和财务上的蒙福而兴旺的教会。在这儿扎根的,在各领域都将富足!我们必须把不信的观念连根拔起,并胆壮地对抗怀疑、不信和世俗犬儒主义!

沙玛救护了他的红豆田 (撒母耳记下23:11-12)。那是上帝授予他的遗产;他的前途!正正是他的立场成就了上帝的子民对抗敌人的胜利。在Skyline,我们需要更多“沙玛”的兴起,来为神迹和财务上的突破去争战。卡列布同样守护了他的应许之地;即使是在他年龄老迈之时,他也从未放弃。他请求上帝给予他的山 – 以法莲之山丘!虽然在多年后他都还未拥有那片地,但那并不代表上帝已经把他给遗忘了。一丁点都没有!他那永不言败的态度持续到他晚年之时。他的灵炽热了他的眼和肢体,所以上帝才如此给予他尊荣。他之所以拥有上帝的应许和恩惠,那是因为他胆壮地结束了他的一生。那您呢?您是否会胆壮地来结束今年并装备下一年吗?上帝要我们有更多的继承!

Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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