Game Changers 扭转形势者

But while Peter was in prison, the church prayed very earnestly for him. (Acts 12:5)

The Bible tells us that prayer is a game-changer. You’d better believe it! It turned the tide against one of the early church’s greatest persecutor: King Herod Agrippa. He had killed James, the leading apostle, with the sword. Then he clapped Peter in irons, intent on executing him after the Passover feast. But… “the church prayed very earnestly for him (Peter)”. How earnest? The word earnest can also be read as constant (meaning daily). It also means intense. How intense? We know it extended deep into the night through the early hours of the morning, because when Peter was released by an angel, he found the believers still praying during those nocturnal hours (v 12).

Shortly after that the tide turned. At the peak of his kingly rule, an angel struck Herod Agrippa with sudden sickness. He was eaten by worms from the inside out and met a terrible end. But the church continued to grow, and the word of God spread (v 25). What changed the game? Intense daily prayer!

Do you see why we need to take these forty days of prayers seriously? They give us an incredible opportunity of being involved in constant prayer as a church, across the generations. They also allow us to pray together with our families. We have seen our children lead us in prayers and recite the scriptures. The kids have also seen their parents praying for their needs.. Each morning testimonies of answered prayers fill the air! Lost computers found, lost money returned, unexpected job promotions, houses sold, children turned around, families revived spiritually, healings, etc.

Prayer was a game changer for Paul and Silas in prison (Acts 16). It changed things for King Hezekiah when the Assyrian army surrounded Jerusalem (2 Chronicles 32). It will reverse the threats of extremism, and give Malaysia her breakthrough again. But only if we pray. Are you joining us for our 40 days dawn prayer? Don’t wait. Come!


圣经告诉我们祷告有扭转形势的能力。您务必要相信它!在早期教会被大希律王亚基帕逼迫得最为严重的时期,是祷告把那劣势给扭转的。他用刀杀了使徒领袖-雅各。随后他便把彼得关进监牢里,执意要在逾越节之后要把他给处决。但是…“教会却为他 (彼得) 切切地祷告”。有多迫切呢?迫切一词可被解读为持续不断 (意思是指每天)。它也可以被理解为严肃认真。那有多严肃认真呢?我们知道他们祷告至深夜,并直到清晨时刻为止。因为当彼得被天使所释放时,他发现信徒们仍在夜间里为着他来祷告 (第12节)。



祷告是保罗和西拉在监牢里时扭转形势的关键 (使徒行传 第16章) 。当亚述军队侵入耶路撒冷时,是祷告把希西家王的局势给扭转 (历代志下 第32章) 。它也能够将极端分子的威胁推翻,让马来西亚再次迎来新的突破。但这一切只能因着我们祷告才发生。您是否已经在参与我们40天的清晨禁食祷告会呢?别再等了,一起来参与吧!

Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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