Have you met Mr. Holy Spirit? Do you know Him well? Are you aware of Him as you go about your daily work? Are you aware of His power in your daily life? Have you experienced His wisdom in your dealings and decisions? These are the things He does, quietly and without any fuss. But there is more, much more…

The third person of the Trinity is vital to our Christian life. Without Him, we would not have the joy, the power and the deep experience of God. It is He who makes Jesus real to us (John 16:7, 13-14). Without the Holy Spirit, even Jesus’ ministry would not have borne fruit (Acts 10:28), so it is clear we need this promise of the Father from on high (Luke 24:49, Acts 1:4). You may have received the Holy Spirit when you believed, but are you overflowing with Him? You may have the Spirit, but does He have you?

To receive the infilling or baptism of the Holy Spirit, we need to desire Him. If there is no hunger, nothing will happen. This is how Cornelius was filled with the Spirit (Acts 10:33), so were the disciples of John who heard about the Holy Spirit for the first time (Acts 19:1-7)! Secondly, believe that when you ask God, He WILL fill you with the Holy Spirit (Luke 11:13). Thirdly, step out, trusting God, by faith and asking for more of Him in prayer and praise. Surrender your voice and heart to Him. And you will be filled!

The Greek word for the Holy Spirit, “Parakletos”, is translated as Helper, Intercessor, Counsellor, Comforter and Strengthener in the Bible. He helps us in our prayers, even interceding for us (Romans 8:26). He counsels us with wisdom (Luke 21:15). He comforts us in trials (Acts 9:31), strengthens us to face our enemies (Acts 4:8) and releases us to do miracles (Acts 6:8-10). The secret is not just to be filled once by the Holy Spirit, but again and again (Ephesians 5:18). Then we will never run dry!


在三一真神合体里的第三位个体,在我们基督徒的生命中占了一个很重要的位置。没有了他,我们便失去了领受神的喜乐、力量,以及深刻体验祂的机会。是他使得耶稣变得如此真实。 (约翰福音16:7, 13-14)。没有了圣灵,即使耶稣的事奉也不会有成果(使徒行传10:28);由此可见,我们需要天父所应许的这个承诺(路加福音24:49,使徒行传1:4)。您或许信主的时候接受了圣灵,但您的生命是否也随着圣灵得以满溢。您或许拥有圣灵,但请问圣灵拥有您吗?

欲得到圣灵的充满或受洗,我们必须渴望拥有他。若无这份渴望之意,任何事情都不会发生。这正是哥尼流得到圣灵的充满的方法(使徒行传 10:33)。当约翰的门徒初次听到圣灵时,亦是如此(使徒行传19:1-7)!第二,当您请求神让圣灵来充满您的同时,您必须深信神一定能够做得到(路加福音11:13)。第三,勇敢踏出第一步,相信神,凭着信心,藉着祷告和赞美去向神请求更多。把您的心声与心灵全交托给祂,您就会被充满!


Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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