God’s Business People 上帝的商人

Business people have needs. They also have influence. And the potential for incredible generosity. Three business persons who helped the advancement of the gospel were Lydia in Acts 16, and Aquila and Priscilla in Acts 18. Lydia was a new convert but displayed incredible generosity from the moment of her conversion. She invited the apostle Paul and his team to stay at her house. The Bible tells us she was a seeker who had opened her heart to heed the preaching of the gospel. The first church in the city of Philippi met in her place; in fact, Paul and Silas went there to meet the believers after the two were released from prison (Acts 16:40).

Think about this. Why would a woman doing business in that city house a bunch of unknown missionaries, two of whom had been imprisoned for “troubling the city and teaching things contrary to Roman law” (Acts 16:20-21). Wouldn’t she be accused of housing rebels? Being on the wrong side of the authorities is risky for business. But Lydia never blinked. She continued to open her house for Christian meetings! She had a deep faith and generosity from day one. Business people are used to taking “risk”!

Aquila and Priscilla were Christian tentmakers. Paul stayed at their house in Corinth as part of a business arrangement so he could preach at the synagogues on the Sabbath (Acts 18:3-4). When riots broke out, they remained steadfast even when the city mob was looking to beat up Paul (Acts 18:12-18). This intrepid couple didn’t fear that their business might be affected! In fact, they housed Paul for 18 months (Acts 18:11), and even started a church in their home (1 Cor 16:19)! They later settled in Ephesus, and there, mentored a fiery evangelist called Apollos (Acts 18:26). What a couple!

Business people are a vital part of God’s army for the end-time gospel. Many have wealth and influence. They carry a spirit of generosity and faith even in adversity. Some have become great mentors to the next generation of leaders. Let us appreciate them!


试想想,为什么一位在城市经商的女生意人会愿意去收留一群不知名的宣教士呢?而且,当中两位还因“骚乱那城市并教导与罗马律法相对的事”而曾经被收监 (使徒行传16:20-21)。难道她不知这么做有可能会被污蔑说她包庇造反者吗?在生意的角度来看上,站在权力的反方是非常冒险的。但是,吕底亚从不畏惧。她继续开放她的家,让基督徒在那里聚会!从第一天信主起,她就有极大的信心和大方。做生意的人就是习惯‘冒险’的!

亚居拉和百基拉是制造帐篷的基督徒。在歌林多,作为商业安排的一部分,保罗住在他们的家以至便能在安息日时在犹太会堂里讲道 (使徒行传18:3-4)。当骚乱爆发时,他们仍然坚定不动摇,即使城市里的暴民正寻找保罗并想要殴打他 (使徒行传18:12-18)。这对无畏的夫妻根本从不害怕他们的生意会被影响!事实上,他们收留了保罗足足18个月(使徒行传18:11),并且在他们家里建立了教会 (歌林多前书16:19)!之后他们在以弗所定居,在那儿,他们亦训导出一位心里火热的传道士,名叫亚波罗。何等难得的一对夫妻啊!


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