God’s World, Our Stewardship 上帝的世界,我们去管辖

When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money.
(Native American Saying)

When the Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire in April this year, there was a huge outcry worldwide. Money poured in from around the world for its reconstruction. Over one billion dollars was received in one day as pledges! Presently, ten thousand fires are raging through the Amazon rainforest, most of which have been deliberately started by greedy ranchers encouraged by a business-at-any-cost Brazilian government. Brazil has told the world to mind its own business, and has continued to let the forest burn!

The Amazon is home to half of the world’s tropical forests, and two million plant-animal species. As the world’s largest land carbon sink, it is one of the world’s most powerful tools in fighting climate change. But when trees burn, they release their stored carbon into the atmosphere, turning them from a carbon sink into a carbon source. In other words, fires like these won’t slow global warming, it’ll contribute to it.

The global backlash to Brazilian President Bolsanaro is growing. Is it too little too late? The G7 summit meeting of world leaders’ response to help Brazil fight the fires has met a muted response. But EU threats of trade sanctions have finally got the Prez to send the army in to douse the flames. Now protests are rising in Brazil; her people realise that the government is plundering their future resources in the name of development!

The biggest threats to the human race in the next 50 years are climate change, water-scarcity and sea-pollution. Whose world is it? It never was ours. God made it, and we are to steward and tend it (Genesis 2:15). But selfishness and greed have desecrated the earth. Cut back on plastic, save our trees, burn less carbon-fuel, recycle. Let’s each do our part to give our children a world worth living in. Steward God’s world!


今年4月巴黎圣母院 (Notre Dame Cathedral) 发生了一场火灾。当时这事件引起全世界强烈的抗议,来自世界各地的捐款蜂拥而来,以重建这大教堂。在一天之内,就有超过十亿的认献被接获!当下,万火正肆虐着亚马逊森林,而其起因,决大多数是由贪心的大农场主所引起,而他们的贪欲更得到只顾利益的巴西政府支持。巴西政府亦对种种抗议无动于衷,让森林继续燃烧。


全球对巴西总统博索纳罗 (Bolsanaro) 的不满逐渐强烈。我们是否做得太少,或反应得太迟呢?世界领袖在G7峰会上反应要帮助巴西一起对抗火势,但却得不到任何回应。直到欧盟以贸易制裁来威胁,巴西总统才差派军队去扑灭火焰。如今,在巴西的抗议活动不断的上升;它的人民终于意识到,政府正利用国家发展的名义,侵吞着他们未来的资源。

在未来的50年里,人类最大的威胁将会是气候变化、水源短缺和海洋污染的问题。这世界是属于谁的呢?它从来都不属于我们。上帝创造这世界,我们是管家并倾向于祂 (创世记2:15)。但是,自私和贪心的态度玷污了这地球。减少使用塑料,拯救我们的树林,减少燃烧碳基燃料,维持回收再用的习惯。让我们每个人扮演好我们的角色,以便留给我们的下一代一个值得生活的环境。让我们好好管理上帝的世界!

Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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