Live in me. Make your home in me just as I do in you. In the same way that a branch can’t bear grapes by itself but only by being joined to the vine, you can’t bear fruit unless you are joined with me..”
(John 15:4 The Message)

Happy New Year! There are two places I go to when I am tired physically. The first is the gym. It “wakes” me up like nothing else! I may arrive dreading the treadmill or the bicycle, but I come out fully charged and positive, ready to change the world! The other place is Perth, my ultimate chill-out place. There, I rest quietly in a house doing nothing much; just reading, jogging along the riverbank, chatting with Nancy, sitting in a café watching the swans swim by, or catching up with my daughter or friends for evening meals. These two places never fail to revive me! What’s the secret? Both the gym and Perth are secret “hiding places” for me to “abide” in Him.

Here’s how it works. In the gym, I meditate on the Bible verses and chapters of the Bible as I run. For example, I mentally go through chapter after chapter of Luke or the Acts of the Apostles, trying to recall what each chapter is about and what are the lessons there. This way, I disengage from the monotony of the exercise. Sometimes, I bring my page-Bible there to read as I work out on the stationary bike. Gradually, I become aware of the Lord’s presence, I “feel” Him near, I hear Him “speak”, I “know” His love, and when I finish, I am refreshed spiritually, mentally, and physically… its an amazing feel.

When I am in Perth, the house is so quiet. Reading, meditating, writing, and reflecting are easy. Solitude is my friend and fasting is not unnatural. I may think about Him first thing in the morning. I usually dwell on him before I tuck in for the night. A great deal gets done. Do you have a secret place you go to? Jesus said, unless we learn to “live” in Him, we won’t go deep, and we can’t bear fruit. We need to be joined to Him. Make it your goal this year. Let’s make it our focus in Skyline: His presence throughout 2019.

“你们要常在我里面, 我也常在你们里面。枝子若不常在葡萄树上,

新年快乐!当我身躯疲累时,有两个地方是我经常会去的。第一个就是健身房。没有什么比运动更能让我精神一振了!虽然一开始我是带着百般不情愿的心情来到那跑步机或脚踏机的面前, 但每当我做完运动之后,我都感到精力充沛并充满了正能量,仿佛有了可以改变世界的力量!另一个地方就是澳洲珀斯(Perth):我最理想的休闲地点方。在那里,我能够静静地在一间家里休息,做一些让自己放松的事;譬如阅读,在河边跑步,与Nancy牧师闲聊,坐在咖啡厅观看天鹅在水池中游过,或者与女儿或朋友聚一聚,彼此跟进,共享晚餐。而这两个地方,在我去了那里之后,都能够让我恢复精力再重新出发。当中的秘诀是什么呢?那是因为健身房和珀斯,是我与上帝‘相处’的‘秘密之地’。

让我告诉您这是如何做到的。在健身房里,当我在跑步时,我就便默想经文和圣经里的章节。例如,我会在脑里回想路加福音或使徒行传里的每一个章节,并尝试去记起每一个章节的大纲与当中的教义。这样,我就能够去除运动的单调乏味。有时侯,我会带上圣经书并在固定自行车上运动时阅读它。渐渐的,我会意识到上帝的同在,我‘感受’到与祂很近,我听见祂‘说话’, 我‘体会’到祂的爱。而当我完成时,我的灵、体与精神都得到了甦醒…那感觉超棒的!


Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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