Going Forward

While ministering in Taiwan last week, I made some quick comparisons with Malaysia, and found myself asking: Are we a forward-looking nation, ready to embrace all the challenges of the future, or do we tend to get regularly dragged back into the past? Are we a nation that takes two steps forward, only to slip one step backward? Forty years ago, Taiwan was behind Malaysia economically. Now it has overtaken us. Their public transport is clean and on time. They have high-speed rails, their airport internet automatically logs in your mobile when you enter the terminal. I found the taxi drivers polite and honest; when one of them made a wrong turn, he apologized profusely and gave us a big discount for taking us on an unnecessary journey. You also felt “safe” in the streets. But my ringgit felt “weak” in the shops.

I was there to speak to the churches on the role of Christians in the workplace. They invited me because they wanted to learn how they could make a greater difference to their society. Both young and older leaders were filled with enthusiasm. There are only 4.5% Christians in Taiwan, half that in Malaysia, yet the churches there are strong, and exert significant influence in the land. Several past presidents have been Christians.

What has often dragged back progress in Malaysia? Issues of conservative religion are one of the biggest; it affects everything from the arts to education, to business and government, and seeks to drag our nation back into restrictive ways. Not only that, but racism and corruption have stifled our efficiency and weakened our economy. The Church must continue to pray for a just, equitable, righteous government to arise in Malaysia. WE must believe God CAN and WILL change our nation! The Church is the HOPE of this nation! There is none else. That’s why in Skyline, we must always move forward in HOPE fuelled by FAITH and LOVE. We cannot turn back!

Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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