GOODBYE 2018… HELLO 再见 2018… 哈啰

He has made everything beautiful in its time.
(Ecclesiastes 3:11)

This past week has been busy. With the family back for Christmas, we put aside prime time to catch up, laugh, and eat our favourite food together. Later, when my brother and his family joined us, we went for walks by the beach, and clambered up the Kinabalu mountain trail as an extended family. We had durians by the roadside, played board games late into the night, and laughed ourselves silly. We had tea and scones in the beautiful setting of the Sabah tea plantations while gazing at Mount Kinabalu in the distance. It was a memorable week during which I had to take time out to prepare two sermons in two hectic days over Christmas. The children never begrudged me the time. They were just thankful I was done when it was over! We laughed about it.

Today they have all left… and we are back to “normal” again. We miss them all, and hope to see them again at various times in the coming year. But as we enter these last two days of 2018, Nancy and I know we are privileged to be here shepherding the spiritual family in KK God has asked us to pastor: Skyline! That’s you! And we gladly do so! You are His beloved treasure and we are His beloved family together!

We look back at 2018 with much thankfulness. It has been a busy Year of the “New Community” where we have sought to build stronger families and marriages, and also to foster a deeper sense of being in one church family through strong Connect Groups. We have seen the church grow in numbers both in SE and SM. We have seen many salvations and also many lives blessed. We are reminded too of the passage of time as dear ones among us have gone home to be with the Lord. We miss them. Finally, “Slingshots” came out after 17 years of writing bulletins! And again in our AGD this year, we passed RM 2.3M mark. Amazing! What have been the highlights for me? Changed lives. Fresh leaders. Deepening love for Jesus. An excellent spirit in all who serve. Passion, gratitude, generosity, sacrifice. You have all made this possible! To God be the glory!

神造万物, 各按其时成为美好。
(传道书 3:11)

过去的一个星期我都非常地忙碌。因家人的归来,我们特地空出时间相聚, 一起聊天、说笑以及享受我们喜爱的美食。之后,我的弟弟和他的家人也一同来参与我们。我们去海边散散步、并以一个大家庭去攀登京那巴鲁山道。我们在路边吃榴莲、在深夜玩棋盘游戏,当中亦少不了欢乐的笑声。我们一起在沙巴茶园一边享用热茶和司康饼,一边从远处观赏京那巴鲁山的美景。在这令人难忘的一周,我还得抽出时间来准备两个在圣诞期间的讲道。然而,我的孩子们都非常体谅我,他们并没有因这件事而埋怨我。相反的,在我终于完成之后,他们反而感到非常地欣慰!我们还拿这件事来开玩笑呢!

今天,他们都离开了… 我们再次回到了“正常生活”。我们非常想念他们,同时也期待来临的一年可以更常见到他们。但在我们踏入2018年的最后两天,Nancy 牧师和我都清楚知道,能够在亚庇牧养上帝呼召的 Skyline 灵里大家庭,是我们的荣幸。那就是您!而我们亦非常地乐意去做这项服事!您是祂最亲爱的珍宝,我们亦是祂最亲爱的大家庭!

回首一看,2018年是一个很值得感恩的一年。我们度过了一个非常忙碌的“新造群体之年”。这一年里,我们尝试通过联系小组建立更稳固的婚姻与家庭,并培育一个感情更深厚的大家庭。我们亦见证了中、英文堂 (SE 和 SM)的人数增长、很多人接受并相信耶稣、还有很多生命得到祝福。我们也因着至亲的离世体会到生命的短暂。我们依然想念他们。最后,综合了17年编写简报的努力, “Slingshots” 终于诞生了!不但如此,我们的周年庆典也达到了 230万的奉献。这是多么地美好啊!那对我来说,这些事的亮点是什么呢? 那就是生命的转变、新培育的领袖、更加深爱主耶稣的心、还有在事工上优秀的精神。热诚、感恩、慷慨与牺牲。是你们成就了这一切!荣耀归给上帝!

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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