Grace & Wealth

Honour the Lord with your substance and the first fruits of all your produce;

then your barns will be filled with plenty and your vats

will be bursting with new wine (Proverbs 3:9-10 RSV)

The world wants financial BLESSINGS and good health. But as believers, we know God has much more than financial blessings for us. There is salvation, eternal life, joy, love, hope, faith, deep security, wisdom, health and also…wealth of course! The world doesn’t envy our spiritual communion with God or even our sure hope of eternal life, but one thing they will envy: if God prospers us! To outsiders, wealth is one way of witnessing to God’s goodness and to the fact that He is alive in us today. That’s the language the world understands. So what does God has to say about this?

One amazing thing we read about Abraham and Isaac is that they prospered greatly, even in the time of famine and drought (Gen 26:12-14). Jacob started penniless, yet because he vowed to tithe a tenth of ALL he had, God prospered him (Gen 28:20-22). Where did Jacob learn this? It must have been from his grandfather Abraham and his father Isaac. When he became rich fourteen years later, God reminded him again of the vow he had made to tithe (Gen 31:13). Tithing brings prosperity, but note, this truth was revealed through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob before the Mosaic law was given.

So tithing was never originally part of the Law. It came through Abraham’s covenant of faith. It is still God’s way to bless us! But when He blesses us, sometimes it can come so quietly that we think we earned the wealth ourselves! God reminds us it is HE who gives us the POWER to get wealth (Deut 8:18). Why? In order that He might establish the covenant which He swore to our fathers. Which one? Not the Ten Commandments, but the covenant He swore to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! It’s the covenant of grace through faith! Financial blessings you see is part of the covenant of grace!

Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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