He is Risen! 祂已复活

Easter morning: The stone is rolled away from the mouth of the tomb. The women find the tomb empty on Sunday morning. Angels say, “He is not here, He has risen!” The Pharisees attempted to silence the news of this incredible event. Jesus appears to two disciples on the road to Emmaus. If you read the gospels, you’ll find they all carry the marks of credible accounts by genuine eyewitnesses. There is no attempt to “polish” the stories. The gospels tell it as it was. HE IS RISEN!

My favourite phrase in the resurrection account is this: “And he …believed”! (John 20:8). It tells the personal moment of faith of John. He was the first to believe Jesus had risen without seeing Him alive yet. The rest of the disciples all wanted hard facts. Even when Mary Magdalene told them she had seen Jesus, they refused to accept it (Mark 16:11). They all had to see Jesus physically first before believing. John was the exception.

So, what did John “see” that made him believe? He saw the empty tomb, and the linen cloths lying wrapped up, but these were still not what convinced him. I’m convinced he believed because he remembered what Jesus had said: He would rise again on the third day. Sure, the others had heard it too, but they never believed it (John 20:9) until they saw. John believed, then he saw. That’s the key. Believing before you “see”.

Jesus is alive now. Do you believe that? Look around you. Feel the worship! Sense the excitement of lives changed. And you will know Easter is true! Jesus said, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.” Today, if you believe, He will transform you. If you receive Him, you will pass from an old life to a new one. Easter has power. It has the power to change because HE IS RISEN!


在这复活事件的记述中,我最喜爱的短语是:“…看见就信了”!(约翰福音20:8)。它告诉我们约翰个人的信心时刻。在他还未亲眼看见耶稣复活之前,他是第一位相信耶稣已经复活。而其他的门徒要属实的确据才相信。即使抹大拉的马利亚告诉他们她已经看见耶稣,他们还是拒绝相信 (马可福音16:11)。他们要先亲眼看见耶稣才愿意相信。约翰却是例外的。

那约翰‘看见’了什么以至他如此相信呢?他看见空坟墓和那放在一处的细麻布,但这一切都不是使他信服的原因。我深信,他相信是因为他记得耶稣曾经说过:在第三天,祂将会复活。无可否认的,其他人也一样听见这番话,但他们从未相信 (约翰福音10:9),直到他们看见。约翰是先相信然后看见。就是这关键。在你未‘看见’之前,先相信。


Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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