Speak to the rock before their eyes and it will yield its water
(Numbers 20:8)

One of the most dramatic scenes in the wandering of the people of Israel was when they came to the Wilderness of Zin. They were now nearing the promised land. This was the generation that God would bring into the land flowing with milk and honey after forty years in the wilderness. Their sandals had not worn out. God had provided them with manna and quails. But in this final stretch, there was no water and they grumbled. Imagine that! God had provided for forty years, and now in this final test they got upset with Moses, blaming him for the lack of water, until he lost his cool (Numbers 20:9-11), and in his anger, struck the rock with it instead of speaking to it! For that, Moses was not allowed to enter the promised land. He had dishonoured God’s command.

The New Testament refers to this incident of water from the rock as an act of God’s grace to our lives today. The Rock is Jesus and He is the One who gives us the spiritual drink that will give us life (1 Corinthians 10:4, John 4:14), even though we do not deserve it! We are just like the Israelites who grumbled and lost faith in God in the desert. Yet everyone of that complaining generation entered the promised land!

We don’t need to get angry when the things that God has promised us, like provision, are not immediately met. The secret is to “speak to the Rock”, not yell at it, strike it, or complain to it. When we do so, we shall drink of this spiritual Rock and be satisfied!

(民数记 20:8)

说到以色列人的飘流史中最具戏剧性的其中一幕,就不能不提当他们来到“寻”这个旷野的这一段。其实,应许之地已经近在咫尺了。尽管飘流了40年,这一代就是上帝要将他们领进这流奶与密之地的一代。他们的鞋子从来没有破损,上帝还赐给他们吗哪和鹌鹑。但是在最后关头,他们却因缺水而心生抱怨。试想看!上帝供给了40年,他们竟然在最后一场考验中,因缺水而责备摩西,还激怒了他(民数记 20:9-11)。在愤怒之下,摩西并没有向磐石说话,而是使用拐杖击打它!摩西更因此而未能进入应许之地,因为他没有遵从上帝的旨意。

这起“磐石发出水来”的事迹在新约里被引用来意指上帝现今对我们生命流出的恩典。磐石就是耶稣,祂就是那浇灌我们灵命的活水(哥林多前书 10:4, 约翰福音 4:14),虽然我们不配得到!我们就像那些在旷野之地飘流的以色列人一样,经常抱怨、对上帝失去了信心。然而,一直在埋怨的我们竟然进入了应许之地!

当我们还没得着上帝所应许的人、事、物时,不需要生气。秘诀就在 “向磐石说话”, 而不是对它呐喊、击打或抱怨。当我们这样做时,我们就得以领受这坚固的灵命磐石的浇灌,并得到满足!

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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