In the morning, sow your seed

In the morning sow your seed, in the evening do not withhold your hand,
for you do not know which will prosper,
Either this or that or whether both alike will be good
(Ecclesiastes 11:6)
Happy Chinese New Year. In the morning sow your seed. This means, be intentional and take risks this year. Start by sowing intentionally good seeds in your family early in the year. Today is a good day to begin. Sow the gospel seed. Ask God to give you opportunity to go near, overtake and open your mouth when members of your family gather. I tell you now. At least one, if not more of your family will be ripe for the gospel. Seize the day. Sow your seed. Take a risk this new year.
There are other great seeds you could also sow. Sow reconciliation. Bring together some of your siblings, and share with them God’s love. Pray beforehand and get them talking over things that have separated and divided them. Where there has been years of offence and division, sow God’s love and forgiveness. Take a risk, be the head this year and not the tail. By faith be above and not beneath. Trust God 100%. Do the same where there has been discording between your parents.
In the same spirit that you sow in the morning, so too in the evening, do not withhold your hand. What this means is that never give up in sowing through the day, and in the days beyond new year. Don’t just do good in the new year only. Scatter the good seeds of generosity constantly, help your family and loved ones where you can. Sow the seeds of overflowing grace and love if any of your family or friends have hurt you in the past. Make the effort to encourage and bless them. Take risks. You may be fended off or entirely rejected, but persevere.
Why? Because you really don’t know which act God will prosper or whether both will be good! In this year of the overflowing life, God is telling us to sow His grace and blessings early in the year and continue even into the end of this year. He will surely prosper the work of your hands. He is the God of the “More Than”! Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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