Is Malaysia Going Extreme (Again)? 马来西亚将(再次)走向极端吗?

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.
(Proverbs 13:12)

We are on shifting ground. And it’s not a middle one. Extreme statements are grabbing the headlines. The teaching of Jawi in schools has been made into a major issue by the Chinese newspapers; they fear it’s a concession to Islamisation in our multiracial society. The prime minister who should know better, has reactively labelled Dong Zong racist! While that is happening, the likes of Zakir Naik, a Muslim who is wanted in India for money-laundering and terrorism, is making racially charged comments in stadium filled with Kelantanese crowd. Then there was a covert attempt in Selangor to pass a state law allowing for conversion of minors to Islam on unilateral parental consent. The succession of our prime minister is not certain. Education policies are murkier than ever. Our current education minister seems more focused on religion than education. As for the U-turn on Lynas’ activities in Pahang, how can we believe anyone again?

Component parties of the government are struggling with fractures along personality lines. One thing is sure, we have 1000 more days as a rakyat to mature and hold the middle ground so that extremism cannot sweep back into our land again. If it does, we might be seven times worse off. We must be willing to give up pettiness in order to gain big things. It is a fact in Malaysia, no one will be entirely happy with what each has in expressions of cultural, religious, or racial freedom. The answer is to sit and talk, and not to champion extremist slogans. That would be playing into the Enemy’s hand.

We fight extremism by prayer, love, moderation, and restraining carnal anger. We fight it by making sensible, moderate public statements, and avoiding vitriolic opinions. We need to pray for our PM, and also for a spirit of wisdom and counsel among Christians in the cabinet today. We need to stop extremism returning to our land! Forty days of dawn prayer have begun. Will you wake up, come, and pray together each morning?


我们正处于一个不断变迁的处境,而且它并不是中立客观的。极端的言论如今已经成为各大传媒的头条新闻。爪夷文纳入小学课本的议题则被中文传媒无限放大;因他们害怕这是将我们这多元种族的社会推向伊斯兰化的妥协。应当我国首相谨言慎行,竟然标签董总为种族主义分子!与此同时,扎基尔·奈克 (Zakir Naik), 一位因涉嫌洗黑钱和持恐怖主义而被印度所通缉的穆斯林信徒;他肆无忌惮的在一个被吉兰丹人所挤满的体育馆里,作出充满种族歧视的舆论。除此之外,雪兰莪州政府亦企图隐秘地通过未成年公民只要得到单方父母的同意就可皈依伊斯兰教的政策。而下一任首相的人选也还未确定。现今的教育政策也比以前更加不明朗。我们现任的教育部部长也似乎关注宗教多过于教育。再加上政府对在彭亨州莱纳斯(Lynas) 的工厂的态度竟呈现极大转变,那叫我们如何再相信任何人呢?



Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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