Do you remember when digital cameras came on the market? Freedom! We could take pictures wherever without bothering about cost. We could experiment freely with new angles, new lightning, and see the results instantly. We could share the “thrill of the moment” in real time. All good right? There is a downside. Over years, we collect thousands of photos and videos, 99% of which are superfluous. We have no time to sort them out. So, we store them in back-up drives or in the cloud hoping one day to file the memories. Meanwhile, software changes. We need new upgrades to access our old photos. We spend more time and money; slowly…the servant becomes our master!

Does the smartphone really save you time or does it take away your time? Think again. New gadgets can be counterproductive. While it gives you easy access to the people you need to be in contact with, it demands your immediate attention. Urgency becomes a tyrant. It distracts you with information, 95% of which is irrelevant and time-wasteful. It draws you away from vital time you need to bond with your family, to study, to sleep, to prepare meals, exercise, pray, meditate, and grow your inner life. Time, which if robbed, may lead to wasteful consequences down the road.

Technology always upgrades. Once hooked, you have to follow its lead: more money for upgrades, updates, etc. It may lead you into internet addictions, and take away hours of your time! It distracts you from a deeper prayer and study life of God’s Word for sure! It creates lots of “noise” that drowns out His voice. It reduces your spiritual, mental, and social attention span. May I make a plea here? Keep things simple. Have one phone, one laptop and stay with them as long as you can. Don’t get trapped by the gadget or upgrade disease. Don’t live out of your phone. Minimise your apps. It will help you grow spiritually, and make technology your slave. Not your master!

你是否记得当数码相机来到市场?自由啦!我们可以不用顾虑费用, 尽情的拍照。我们可以很放心自由的尝试, 以新的角度、新的灯光, 并可以立即看到效果。然后, 可以即时的分享 ‘当下的兴奋’。是不是很好?但有个缺点。经过多年, 我们收集了上千张的照片和录像, 但有99%是多余的。我们没有时间把它们都分拣出来。那, 我们就储存在硬盘或云盘 (iCloud), 希望有一天可以把美好回忆给归档。与此同时, 软件改进了。硬件也需要升级, 以至可以读取旧相片。我们就需要花费更多的时间和金钱; 慢慢地… 本应服务我们的科技成为了我们的主人!

智能手机真的可以为你省下时间吗?还是夺取你更多的时间?想一想。新的科技小玩意可以产生相反效果。它可以让你以更容易方便的途径联络, 但也同时要求你立即的留意反应。紧急就成为了暴君。太多的资讯却让你分心, 并且有95%是不相关既浪费时间。它剥夺了你重要的时间, 与家人的联系、学习、 睡眠、准备膳食、运动、祷告、静默和内在生命的成长。时间, 一旦被抢夺, 将带来不堪设想的后果。

科技是不断在更新升级。一旦你着迷于科技, 就会一直被牵着走,花费更多的金钱来升级、更新等。网际网络会让你上瘾, 更会消耗你好多时间啊!肯定的, 在祷告和学习上帝的话语上, 它会让你分心!它会制造很多 ‘噪音’ 以盖过上帝的声音。你的灵性, 思想以及社会关注将会降低。我可以有个恳求吗?一切保持简单。尽量只保有一个电话, 一个笔记本电脑。不要陷入于这些科技小玩意或追求更新的疾病, 不要生活在非无电话不可。减少你的应用程序。它将帮助你灵命成长, 并将科技成为你的仆人。不是你的主人!

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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